Furnace repair in Dalton, GA

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As the temperatures drop, many homeowners turn on their furnaces to heat their homes. Unfortunately, many homeowners will find that their system does not work as well as it did the previous year. Fortunately, furnace repair in Dalton, GA is just a phone call away.

Professional Furnace Repair in Dalton, GA

When a problem arises with a furnace, homeowners must contact a professional to ensure the furnace gets the care it needs. A licensed contractor experienced in furnace repair will have the skills and experience needed to quickly identify and repair any problem the furnace has.

Furnace repair near Dalton, GA can be complicated. There are intricate aspects that require special training to ensure the furnace runs safely and efficiently. Improper repairs could leave a home vulnerable to serious issues that may increase the cost of repairs. It may even put the home at risk of gas leaks or fires.

At Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air, the technicians are trained and certified in the repair of almost any type of furnace available. These local technicians can provide speedy service that homeowners can depend on.

Prompt Furnace Repair in Dalton, GA

When a furnace is having problems, homeowners need prompt service for their furnace. The longer an issue is left unattended, the more damage it can cause to the system. Eventually, a minor problem could cause a furnace to stop working. Instead of furnace repair, a homeowner may need to replace their furnace.

Unfortunately, many homeowners do not know how to look for the various signs of a problem with their furnace. Knowing these signs can help ensure the proper furnace services are received to prevent further issues or damage to the system.

Aging System

As the system ages, parts begin to wear, and the furnace loses efficiency. When a furnace is older than ten years, these issues become more common. An aging system is more likely to need repair and may even cause energy bills to creep higher.

A complete furnace tune-up is often necessary to ensure the system is working properly when it gets to this age. It is also a good idea for homeowners to begin thinking about replacing their system, especially if they are continuously having it repaired. Fortunately, the team at Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air are experienced in helping homeowners find the right system for their home. They can even provide furnace installation.

Increased Energy Bills

One common sign of a problem with a furnace that many homeowners overlook is the energy costs. If the home is using more energy to heat their home than they have in previous years, there is something wrong with the system. It may just be that the unit is getting older. However, some issues may be more significant. A professional can help find the cause of the problem and offer solutions for homeowners.

Strange Smells or Noises

Strange smells or noises coming from the furnace should always be taken seriously. Burning smells or even the smell of natural gas are causes for concern. If a gas smell is noticed, everyone needs to vacate the home and contact emergency services. With burning smells, shutting off the furnace and contacting a technician for repair is the best course of action.

Strange noises could be caused by a variety of issues. There could be a problem with the blower motor or debris in the system. Contacting a professional HVAC technician will help identify the problem and get the system back to working properly. Any changes in how a furnace works should be addressed. It may be a minor problem, but should be repaired in a timely manner to prevent further issues.

House Not Getting Warm Enough

If it seems the house is not getting warm enough, there may be an issue with the furnace, or it could be a problem with the ducts. Blocked ducts can keep the warmed air from circulating properly throughout the home. Some areas of the home may be colder or warmer than others. A technician can identify this problem and offer solutions to homeowners.

Short Cycles

If the furnace seems to cycle on and off quickly without heating the entire home, there may be an issue with the heat exchanger or possibly the thermostat. If the thermostat is faulty, it may be providing inaccurate readings to the furnace, causing it to start and stop frequently. Issues with the heat exchanger can also cause the furnace to shut down due to overheating issues or other problems with the system.

Preventive Care

The best repair a homeowner can provide for their furnace is preventive care. Regular tune-ups each year can prevent many of the problems a furnace may face. At Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air, our technicians offer yearly service to ensure the home’s furnace is ready for the winter.

Why Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air

Homeowners are tasked with keeping their homes safe and comfortable for their entire family. At Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air, we assist homeowners in the Dalton, GA area and provide professional furnace repair near you. Our emergency services ensure homes stay safe and comfortable throughout the winter.

Whether the furnace needs a tune-up or emergency repairs, simply give us a call. One of our experienced technicians will help get the furnace working properly and your home comfortable again. In addition to offering furnace repair in Dalton, GA, our team also provides cooling and plumbing service. Our comprehensive services help keep your entire home comfortable all year round.