Plumbing & HVAC Services in Hixson, GA

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Older homes often lack the modern materials we need today to run our amenities. Upgrading your plumbing and HVAC systems can increase the functionality of your home and decrease your monthly water and electric bills. Whether this means fixing faulty pipes for better water pressure or installing a ductless AC system, home repairs and renovations are worth it.

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Plumbing and HVAC Services in Hixson, GA

At Metro Plumbing Heating and Air, we offer both plumbing and HVAC services in Hixson, GA. These include plumbing, drain cleaning, heating and cooling categories.

For plumbing, this includes repair and installation services like leak detection, re-piping, burst pipe repair, sewer line repairs, water filtration and softeners, sump pumps, septic tanks, hydro-jetting, water heaters, faucet repair, and video inspections.

Drain cleaning services involve unclogging toilets, kitchen sinks, bath tubs, bathroom sinks, basement and utility room drains, and your main sewer line.

For heating and air services, we offer furnace repairs, installations, maintenance and tune-ups, and heat pump services. And, for cooling, we provide AC installations, repairs, maintenance, tune-ups, and emergency services for central air and ductless systems, with the additional availability of high-velocity air conditioners.


Our plumbers are skilled in fixing pipe leaks and relieving clogged pipe obstructions. In addition, we offer services that focus on the quality of the water inside your pipes. For plumbing parts and services that are long-lasting and efficient, trust our expert team.

Water Filtration and Softeners

Water filtration and softener systems often work together. First, water softeners address hard water by removing its Magnesium and Calcium minerals. Then, water filtration systems remove any contaminants from your water to make it healthier to drink and to use in the shower. Our plumbers are experienced in installing and repairing both systems.

Drain Cleaning

Drain clogs stop your pipes from functioning properly and often leave stagnant water in your sinks or shower. They can also lead to flooding in rooms like your basement and should be repaired right away. Our plumbers can also explain when replacements are recommended.

Basement Drains and Utility Drains

Utility drains are designed to redistribute any excess water in a room to your sewer line or storm drain. This includes drains in rooms like your basement, garage, atrium, or laundry room. Adding and maintaining drains in the extended areas of your home prevents flooding, keeping your home and belongings safe from water damage.


When your furnace or heat pump go out in the middle of winter, your home becomes cold and uncomfortable fast. Our heating services will make sure your home stays warm when you need it the most. We deal with both furnace and HVAC central heating systems.

Furnace Tune-Up

Once a year, your furnace needs a tune-up. An annual tune-up handles more than regular maintenance. During this service, an experienced technician will analyze your system’s parts and efficiency and suggest any furnace repair options. Typically, you should book your appointment sometime in late summer or early fall to best prepare for winter’s colder months.


Our experienced AC technicians are skilled in ductwork and ductless systems. In addition to installations, we offer regular maintenance and annual inspections.

Ductless AC Systems

If your home doesn’t have pre-existing ductwork, a traditional HVAC system may get costly and involved to install. On the other hand, ductless AC systems provide a more convenient way to get central AC in your home. Luckily, our trained technicians are experienced in both styles of central air. We can help make your model more efficient, more reliable and less expensive.

Trust Metro PHA For Your Plumbing and HVAC Services in Hixson, GA

The experts at Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air offer Georgia’s highest quality local HVAC repair, plumbing and drain services near you. We are more than just your local plumber or HVAC company, we are industry leaders in full-service home renovations. Delivering plumbing and HVAC services in Hixson, GA for over 33 years, we have experience you can trust.

Our plumbing, drain cleaning, and heating and air conditioning services offer the upgrades your home needs. Our work is unmatched, putting cleanliness, consistency and craftsmanship at the forefront of our projects. We also put our customers first. As a family owned and operated company, we incorporate strong family values in our work.

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