Furnace Tune-Up in Ooltewah, TN

Winter nights get chilly in Ooltewah, TN, as you already know if you have lived here for a year or more. Although our area isn’t known for a lot of snow, it does get rain. In fact, we get 13 inches more each year than the national average. You need somewhere to get warm when it is cold and wet outside, and your home should be this haven. When your furnace isn’t operating properly, you may not get relief from the dismal conditions outside.

If you need a furnace tune-up in Ooltewah, TN to ensure your home remains warm regardless of the weather outside, call us at Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air. We will send a licensed professional to your home to complete this work. Every contractor working for us undergoes training to ensure they provide the best service possible.

Proactive measures such as system maintenance reduce the risk of your system breaking down completely, leaving you cold in your own home. Our furnace tune-up near Ooltewah helps prevent this from happening. As HVAC contractors, we have been helping customers in the Ooltewah area keep their heating systems up and running for years now and will happily do the same for you.

How Does Furnace Maintenance Differ From a Tune-Up?

You need to have a professional furnace tune-up every year as part of your HVAC maintenance program. Most people have this done right before the weather turns cold, but we can complete your tune-up in the summer if that fits your schedule better.

A tune-up differs from a furnace repair or maintenance visit in several ways. Our local technician examines the unit from top to bottom. The goal of the tune-up is to keep the system in good working order, so it works when you turn it on for the first time. You don’t want to discover the furnace needs work when the temperature drops outside, as this could leave you without heat for a few days.

Furnace Maintenance in Ooltewah

When you call Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air, we send a trained technician out to handle your HVAC maintenance and tune-up. When doing so, they clean your air filter and examine the vents to ensure they don’t have any blockages or leaks.

Our technicians don’t overlook any aspect of your furnace when completing this task. The technician tests all safety mechanics and examines the flue and exhaust port to ensure they are working properly. At this time, they also clean the burners. The technician also checks the unit for mold or rust, both of which could lead to problems for you in the future.

These are only a few of the tasks they will complete as part of this furnace tune-up near Ooltewah, TN. When we finish our work, you will have peace of mind knowing your system is performing optimally and will heat your home.

If we find your system may not last through the season, we share this information with you. This allows you to make an informed decision regarding whether we should do more work on the system or if the time has come for an HVAC replacement.

If you opt to replace the system, we discuss the cost of a new unit with you. In addition, our technician will discuss all heating and cooling options for your home. This allows you to get a unit that meets your needs in every way. 

The Benefits of a Furnace Tune-Up

Money is tight for many families. You may wonder if the benefits of a furnace tune-up near you justify the cost of this service. This is one service you should account for in your budget each year, as the benefits are enormous.

With our help, your furnace will run more efficiently. The home heats better while using less energy. This allows you to pay less energy bills each month.

In addition, having one of our professionals complete a furnace tune-up every year protects your manufacturer’s warranty. Most manufacturers require this work to be completed by a professional yearly because they don’t want to be held responsible for misuse of the system.

The peace of mind you get from knowing your system will work when you need it, however, is priceless. You’ll know your family is safe and warm regardless of how cold it gets outside.

Why Choose Us for Your Furnace Tune-Up?

Our company has been helping residents in the area for many years now. Count on us to treat you right from the moment you contact our company until you sell your home.

You come first with us, so we always share our prices up front. You know exactly what you will get when you call us. Reach out today. We cannot wait to assist you with your heating needs.