Plumbing Line Camera Inspection

Plumbing Line Camera Inspection
In Chattanooga, TN, Cleveland, & Cleveland, TN

Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air offers plumbing line camera inspection in Chattanooga, TN, Cleveland & Cleveland, TN.  Video camera line inspections are a fairly new plumbing technology that is available for residential and commercial customers.   Thanks to the advent of technology in the plumbing industry such as video camera line inspections and hydro-jetting, customers have more options than ever before with fixing drain problems that in the past required excavating pipes till the problem was found and then replacing those pipes in some cases.

Many times, pipes are inaccessible due to being underground or in extremely hard-to-reach areas.  Not only this, but locating where the problem is can be a time consuming task as well due to the fact the pipes would need to be dug up to be inspected properly.   Video camera line inspections have solved this problem without the need of digging.

What problems can Video Pipe Inspections Solve?

Video pipe inspections are extremely beneficial in discovering what is causing the problem in your plumbing system to begin with.  By knowing, what is causing the issue, the proper methods can be used to solve it.  This type of inspection service works for all kinds of plumbing problems that would normally require ripping up the piping in order to find what the problem is.  This includes plumbing problems such as, leaking pipes, broken pipes, crushed pipes, sources of clogged pipes such as tree roots, and other sewer line problems.

What are the Advantages?

One of the biggest advantages to having a video pipe inspection is the there will be no need to dig up the pipes to assess the problem.  The need to excavate piping was a common method for sewer line problems.  In the past, professional plumbers would have to dig through the ground to get to the pipe before even locating the issue.  This could continue all along the pipe until the plumbing problem is located.   Driveways, landscaping, lawns,  and sidewalks could all be destroyed in the process of trying to find the problem.  With video pipe inspection, the professional plumber can instead run a camera feed through the pipe to find exactly where and what the problem is.  To resolve the issue, the pipe still may have to be dug up, but it will only be a fraction of what would have been dug up if traditional methods were used.

Not only does it possibly save the majority of your lawn, but it also saves a lot of time and cuts the costs tremendously.  Line problems can be discovered and fixed much more quickly when this method is used.   Video inspection allows plumbers to bypass all of the unnecessary extra hours by going straight to the source of the problem.

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