Plumbing Installation in Chattanooga, TN

Plumbing Installation in Chattanooga, TN

Many homeowners are upgrading their homes today rather than buying a new house. When doing so, they might opt to install or upgrade the plumbing fixtures. If you are planning a similar project, call Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air. With our help, your plumbing installation project will move smoothly from start to finish. 

A simple project might be very complex once you begin the work. With the help of our licensed plumbers, your next plumbing installation will integrate seamlessly with the existing system. We make certain this is the case before tackling any new installation. 

We make any upgrades before moving forward with the pipe replacement or the shower plumbing installation. When doing so, we consider the project’s effect on your family life. We work to minimize disruptions to your daily life while doing the job quickly and accurately. 

Contact us today to discuss your new plumbing installations. Our team will tackle your plumbing replacement, bathtub plumbing installation, or any project you desire. Let us know, and we will be there. 

Ready to upgrade your plumbing fixtures or install new ones in your Chattanooga home? Look no further than Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air. Our licensed plumbers will ensure your project is done quickly and accurately with minimal disruptions to your daily life. Contact us today at 423-855-0967 to schedule your plumbing installation project. Let us help make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient!

Residential Installations

Our team helps homeowners throughout the Chattanooga area with residential plumbing installation tasks. We can be of help with the following projects. However, this isn’t a comprehensive list. Call us if you have another project, as our plumbers can handle it. 

Bathroom Installation Projects

Our technicians have years of experience with new plumbing installations. They can recommend products that add value to the home while making it more comfortable. Many of these projects also increase the energy efficiency of the house. 

However, any bathroom installation project requires a certain skill level. For example, you must place a new toilet correctly or risk water damage to the home. You need special tools for this job. 

Call us to handle the toilet plumbing installation. Doing so will protect your home and your loved ones, who might get hurt if the toilet moves when they are using it. Our toilet plumbing installation team ensures this is never an issue.

Our plumbers complete these tasks to ensure your family’s safety. Whether they take on a pipe replacement project or a sink plumbing installation, their work meets local building codes. You should accept nothing less for your loved ones. 

Do not overlook the shower when completing plumbing projects in the bathroom. We can install a water-saving shower head or a modern fixture to complement other features in the room. These are only two of several shower plumbing installation tasks we can complete. Once you decide what you want, we will install the plumbing fixtures and ensure they work correctly. We are available to help through every stage of your project, including a bathtub plumbing installation. 

Kitchen Plumbing Projects

High energy bills often indicate a problem with the plumbing system in the house. Leaky faucets waste countless gallons of water daily. Prevent damage and bring energy costs under control with the help of our plumbing installation team. We will send a team member to the house to help you fix any plumbing problems in this room and throughout the home.

Garbage disposals are another item many people wish to have in their kitchens. We work with clients in need of a garbage disposal installation. Furthermore, we offer this plumbing replacement. Contact us to learn about the models available and which one is right for your house.

Whole-House Plumbing Installation Projects

Certain items serve the entire home. A water softener is a good example of an item that connects with all plumbing fixtures in the house. We work with customers who want to install a water softener or a new water heater. 

We also offer sink plumbing installation in laundry rooms, mud rooms, and more. Our team can help if you wish to add an outdoor faucet or move an existing one. Contact us today to discuss your plumbing projects. We can tackle any project you want to complete.

Why Choose Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air for Your Plumbing Projects?

We recognize you may choose from many providers for a plumbing installation project. Why should you pick us over our competitors? What makes our company stand out in the crowd?

Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air has assisted the residents of Chattanooga, TN, for over three decades. Our team is proud of our reputation for reliable service and honest pricing. Our clients know they can count on us to do the job right every time. Their plumbing system is in excellent working order when we leave, regardless of which projects we did.

Our staff is waiting to take your call us at 423-855-0967. Once we know more about your project, we will get you on the schedule. We cannot wait to be of help to you.