Plumbing Camera Inspection in Chattanooga, TN

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Plumbing issues are a thorn in the side for many people in Chattanooga, TN, which is why Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning promptly responds to any call.

Sometimes, the source of a plumbing issue can be challenging to detect. Unfortunately, the ground may need to be dug up or an interior wall ripped open, leaving homeowners with more extensive repairs than imagined.

Our skilled technicians use cutting-edge technology and complete plumbing camera inspection services to quickly identify and diagnose any plumbing problem. We use this approach to help us pinpoint the cause and problematic location with minimal disruptions to your everyday life.

If you have trouble or suspect there’s a problem with your plumbing system, talk to an expert from Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning. We’re the premier provider for plumbing camera inspection in Chattanooga, TN, so we can help solve your problem.

How Does a Plumbing Line Camera Inspection Work?

During an inspection, a special waterproof camera is connected to the end of a flexible cable and inserted into the plumbing system. It can travel deep into the plumbing network and fit inside various pipes, including mechanical, sewer, and storm drains.

Using a monitor, our technicians can view inside the lines as the camera travels through the system. Attached to the camera is a transmitter that helps the team mark where the blockage occurs.

What Problems Can a Plumbing Camera Inspection in Chattanooga, TN, Solve?

Drain camera inspections are incredibly helpful in detecting the source of plumbing problems and determining the exact causes. When the exact cause is known, the correct actions can be taken to fix the issue. This service works for all types of plumbing issues that would typically require excavation to determine the problem:

Blocked Pipes

Inevitably, sewer pipes will develop major blockages because of grease or paper buildup. These blockages can cause your sewer lines to back up.

Collapsed, Cracked, or Broken Lines

Plumbing cameras work incredibly well to identify damaged pipes that have shifted, broken, or completely collapsed.

Sagging Sewer Lines

Sometimes sewer lines begin to sag. When this occurs, waste builds up at the section of the pipe where it is sagging, resulting in recurrent blockages.

Infiltrating Tree Roots

Tree root infiltrations are among the most common issues occurring in cast iron or clay pipes. Infiltrations happen when the line has cracked, and a tree root grows into the opening, searching for water. The tree root will continue to grow and cause extensive damage to your sewer lines if the infiltration is not remedied.

What Are the Advantages of Plumbing Camera Inspections?

The most significant advantage of using cameras for pipe inspection is that your property will remain intact. Digging up your lawn is no longer necessary to determine the root of the problem.

In the past, the only way to identify the problem would be to dig through the ground. This digging could extend the entire length of the pipe before the issue was located. Entire driveways, landscaping features, and sidewalks could all be destroyed while technicians tried to find the problem.

With the modern technology used for camera inspections, the plumber can view the pipes on the monitor, leaving your ground where it belongs.

Pipes may still need to be dug up to repair the issue, but that’s minor digging compared to the traditional techniques. Not only does this approach save your yard, but it saves our technicians’ time and your money. Camera inspection allows plumbers to skip unnecessary extra hours by quickly identifying the source of the problem.

When to Call for Plumbing Camera Inspection Near You

Routine inspections of your plumbing system will help prevent problems or detect them in their early stages. Nonetheless, homeowners should learn to recognize the signs of a clog in the main sewer or damage to their sewer lines.

Signs of a clogged sewer line include:

  • Water backing up in your toilet or sink
  • Gurgling sounds coming from your toilet or sink
  • Sewage coming up through the drains in the sink or floor
  • A flooded yard
  • Slow drains in multiple areas of your home

You may also notice a funky odor coming from your sink, tub, or drain. Smelling sewage is an indicator you likely have a clogged drain.

Experienced Plumbing Camera Inspection Near Chattanooga, TN

Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning is happy to provide the residents of Chattanooga, TN, with plumbing camera inspection services.

If you need a routine inspection or believe you may have a severe problem with your sewer line, call us immediately to avoid further damage. One of our experienced technicians is ready to help!