Septic Tank Installation in Chattanooga, TN

Septic Tank Installation in Chattanooga TN | Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air

In many areas, households don’t have the luxury of accessing municipal sewer services. Instead, they rely on septic tanks to efficiently manage their waste. If you’re among those homeowners in Chattanooga, TN, who require a septic tank installation, you’re in the right place. Look no further than Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air, where our expert team is ready to provide you with reliable and professional assistance every step of the way.

Septic tank installation is a significant undertaking that requires specialized knowledge and expertise. It’s crucial to ensure that the installation is done correctly, as any errors or shortcuts during the process can lead to costly and disruptive issues down the line. That’s where our skilled professionals come in. With years of experience and a deep understanding of septic systems, our team has the know-how to handle your septic tank installation efficiently and effectively.

So, when you’re in need of a septic tank installation, trust the experts at Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air. Call (423) 401-6787 or contact us online to schedule an appointment. 

Factors to Consider When Installing a Residential Septic Tank

The septic tank must meet the needs of the home and the family. Our septic tank installation company will help you determine the gallon size required to handle waste from your home. In addition, we figure out where to locate the septic tank installation and which tank material is best. With this information, we can calculate the cost of your residential septic tank installation project.

Calculating the Cost

When installing a septic tank, the material of the tank is just one factor that influences the cost. Typically, poly, plastic, or fiberglass tanks are beneficial, and we can help you determine which material is best for your project. 

It’s important to consider the location of the tank as well, and this will also affect cost. In some cases, a sand mounting system may need to be added if the ground is shallow. Furthermore, it’s crucial to avoid placing the tank where vehicles frequently pass over it to prevent structural damage.

When calculating the total cost of installation, labor fees are also included, and we pride ourselves on offering competitive rates. Give us a call today for an installation estimate.

Repair Considerations

Before recommending a septic tank installation, we examine the tank to see if we can repair it. A properly cleaned and maintained tank lasts 20 years or more but may need repairs. When should you call our septic tank installation company?

Call us when sewage backs up into the home. A plumber can resolve the backup, but it never hurts to have us examine the tank to ensure it isn’t contributing to the problem. Also, let us know if there is a foul odor in your backyard. You may have a broken pipe, or the drain field might need replacement. We will determine the problem and recommend a solution.

Maintaining the Septic Tank

Minimize the need for repairs and extend the life of the tank with regular maintenance. Call us to inspect the residential septic system every three years, as this allows us to catch problems early. We should pump the tank every three to five years on average, although the actual time varies based on household size and usage. When we handle your septic tank installation, we will make recommendations on pumping and maintaining the tank. All you need to do is ask.

Customizing the Installation

One benefit of working with Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air is we can customize the installation. The leach or septic drain field is an excellent example of where customization may benefit you. When a septic system fails, we look at the drain field system, as that is the most common area of failure.

Within the leach field, septic pipes take wastewater present in the tank and filter this water into the soil. The soil then breaks it down into natural bacteria. However, if the septic drain field is too small, problems will arise. Our technicians know how to calculate the correct size for the leach field using information about the tank size, household size, usage, and more.

We can also customize the installation based on the location of the tank. The excessive weight placed on either the tank or leach field could lead to a collapse. When planning the installation, we ensure this will not be a concern.

Why Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air is the Top Choice for Your Septic Tank Installation

When you contact Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air for help with a septic tank system, your first concern might be whether to repair or replace the system. We evaluate the system and determine which route will be best based on our findings. If a repair will extend the lifespan of the system by several years, we recommend this option. When a replacement is called for, we explain why repairs won’t resolve the issues you are experiencing. You can always count on us for honest recommendations.

Our team handles projects large and small, as we want to be your only plumbing provider. Visit our contact us page or call (423) 401-6787 to learn more about septic tank installation in Chattanooga, TN