AC Tune Up in Ringgold, GA

Imagine coming home after a long day at work only to walk into a house that is sweltering. Nobody wants this to happen, but it could if you fail to have an AC tune up in Ringgold, GA. Call Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air to ensure your home remains cool and comfortable all summer. 

We will handle your HVAC repair quickly and efficiently. Our same-day and weekend service ensures we can visit a home at a time that is convenient for you. Call us today at 423-441-4758 to get your AC tune up. 


The Benefits of an AC Tune Up in Ringgold, GA

It’s easy to forget regular maintenance tasks, but doing so could lead to your AC failing on a hot summer day. In addition, without regular maintenance, the system may struggle to keep the home at the desired temperature and remove excess moisture from the air. This failure to maintain the system could also lead to rising energy and repair bills. Many people hesitate to call us because they worry about the cost of an AC tune up near Ringgold. However, the cost of this HVAC tune up is significantly less than what you will pay in repairs if the system breaks down. In addition, failing to maintain the unit could lead to the need to replace the system much sooner. Most air conditioning units today last for ten years or more. Miss even one annual tune up and this lifespan will decrease. The system undergoes regular wear and tear, and these tune-ups allow problems to be caught early before they do more damage. Maintaining the system helps to keep repair costs under control. 

A well-maintained system ensures the system operates at peak efficiency. The AC tune up near you helps keep power usage to a minimum. The licensed technician removes any dirt and debris that interferes with airflow and the system’s ability to remove heat from the home.  The removal of these contaminants keeps energy and repair bills under control. Call Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air for an air conditioning unit tune up and we will send a professional contractor out promptly.  We handle all heating and cooling installations, repairs, and maintenance. This allows us to do the job right every time, as we have extensive knowledge of HVAC systems and how they work. 


HVAC Maintenance

What exactly does a tune up involve? This is a question our customers often ask and we happily provide an answer. When our local technician visits the home, they thoroughly inspect the system and clean all components to ensure the components provide the highest level of performance. The  technician covers all bases to ensure you get the most value from this tune up. 

During this visit, they carefully clean the condenser coils present in the exterior unit. These coils pull hot hair from the home to cool your residence. If there is any dirt or grime on these coils, the heat transfer process slows considerably. The system must work harder to cool the home, making the process less efficient. However, this is only one of several tasks the technician carries out during this visit. 

The contractor cleans the vents and changes the air filter. This helps remove the dirt and debris that block airflow and negatively impact indoor air quality. When our work is done, you can breathe easy and spend less when doing so.  Before we leave the home, we inspect every component in the system to look for damage and wear. This includes the refrigerant system, the electrical components, and the mechanical elements.

If anything goes wrong with one of these components, the system could stop working. Catching these problems quickly helps prevent a complete system failure during the heat of the summer.  Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air is your best choice for an AC tune up. With our help, you won’t need to worry about an unexpected breakdown and will save money on your energy bills and system repairs. 


Why Choose Us for Your HVAC Tune Ups in Ringgold, GA?

When you select us as your heating and cooling services provider, you know you will get excellent service every time you reach out. Our team has been serving the area since 1989, and our experience ensures this outstanding service is the norm. 

Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air technicians undergo extensive training to ensure they handle AC tune ups correctly from start to finish. Call on us for expert service delivered by true professionals.  Contractors remain available around the clock to handle your HVAC needs, and we complete many minor repairs and tune ups on the same day. When you call, ask about our specials, as we want to save you money wherever possible. Our specials are one way you can do so. Make this call today at 423-441-4758 to ensure your system is ready for any weather in Ringgold. We can never know what Mother Nature will throw at us next, so it’s always best to be prepared. With our help, you can be.