Ductless Mini Split in Ringgold, GA

When the temperature climbs in Ringgold, GA, you need a working air conditioner. Some homes lack an HVAC system currently, while others use window and portable units to cool the home. Consider ductless mini split services in Ringgold, GA if your home needs a whole-house air conditioning solution. 

Small homes benefit from a ductless mini split installation, as do those homes that currently lack ductwork. Contact us today at 423-441-4216 to learn more about a ductless mini split installation and why it may be right for you. 


Understanding Ductless AC Systems

Most homes in Ringgold today have a split system HVAC unit. This is nothing more than an HVAC system with an indoor and outdoor unit. This system relies on ductwork to move treated air to all portions of the home. A ductless mini split installation eliminates the need for this ductwork, as each unit directly heats or cools the room or zone where the unit is located. 


Where are Ductless AC Units Used? 

When speaking with a licensed contractor from our team, ask which areas of the home benefit from a mini split HVAC system. Smaller areas of the home remain the most popular places for these units, along with condos and garages. However, any area not connected to the main ductwork will benefit from a ductless mini split in Ringgold, GA. 


Why Choose a Ductless Mini Split in Ringgold, GA?

Many benefits come with a professional ductless mini split installation. You will find this option is affordable and efficient. It works in many areas throughout the home. The following serve as only a few of these benefits. 


Easy Installation

Mini split systems take little time to install, as there is no ductwork involved. Our professional team doesn’t need to make major modifications to the home to install ductwork, which helps keep the cost down. 

They know the best way to make small holes where they will insert drain lines and electrical wiring. This wiring and piping connects the interior and exterior units, eliminating the need for ductwork. 


Energy Efficient

Holes in the ductwork lead to higher energy bills, as treated air escapes through the small holes. This air never makes it to the desired destination. A mini split installation removes the need for ductwork, eliminating the loss of heated or cooled air. The air in the unit makes its way directly into the room that it is heating or cooling. 


Greater Control

You have more control over the temperature in each area of the home. Multiple indoor units connect to a single outdoor unit. This allows each person to control the temperature in the area of the home where they currently are. 


Why Choose Ductless Mini Split Installation Near You?

Why should you consider a mini split AC near you? The above benefits are only a few of countless you will see once our local technicians finish their work. Many people find this is the best option for their home and wonder why they never considered moving to a mini split system before. 


Installing the Ductless Mini Split System

If you wish to know more about our ductless mini split services in Ringgold, GA. We will walk you through the installation process, which only takes a few hours. With our help, your home will cool quickly, so you can return to your normal life. 

Our technicians arrive at the home with everything needed to carry out the installation. In addition to installing the units, they connect and test the system to make certain it works properly. They also answer questions you have regarding the thermostat and system operation. 


Ductless Mini Split Repair

Contact us if you have a mini split system that currently isn’t working. These systems last two decades or more but eventually need to be replaced. This is one of the many ductless mini split services near Ringgold we offer, so call us today. 

When you make this call, our team may find you don’t need to replace the unit. A ductless mini split repair will restore the system to proper working order. We always look out for your interests and will make repairs where appropriate rather than pushing you to buy a new system that truly isn’t needed. 

Contact us today for more information on ductless mini split installation. Many homeowners in Ringgold benefit from this cooling option today, and you may too. We are happy to help you determine which HVAC options are right for your home and your lifestyle, so call at 423-441-4216 Metro Plumbing, Heating, and Air today.