Furnace Installation in Ringgold, GA

Ringgold, GA is a beautiful place to live. However, when the temperature drops during the winter months, residents want somewhere to go to stay warm and dry. If the furnace in their home isn’t working properly, a person cannot get the relief they desire from the cold. 

With the help of Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air, you can ensure your home remains the desired temperature regardless of what the weather is outside. We offer furnace installation in Ringgold, GA, along with many other heating and cooling services to ensure this is the case. 

We will handle your HVAC repair quickly and efficiently. Our same-day and weekend service ensures we can visit a home at a time that is convenient for you. Call us today at 423-441-4758 for all your furnace installation needs. 


Do You Need Furnace Installation in Ringgold, GA?

Before calling for furnace installation in Ringgold, GA, ask yourself several questions. Doing so ensures you purchase a furnace only when you truly need one. What is the age of the furnace? Most furnaces last 15 years or more. However, if your unit is ten years of age or older, you may wish to consider replacing it, as a new unit might be more efficient.  If you find you are constantly paying for repairs to the existing unit, it might be time for a furnace replacement. We can send an HVAC contractor to your home to help you make this decision. 

You might need a furnace installation near you if the unit runs continuously but the home never reaches the desired temperature. The same holds when energy bills are rising but you aren’t using the furnace more. 

Any safety concerns with the existing unit should lead to a furnace installation in Ringgold, GA because you need peace of mind with your heating and air system. You don’t want to be afraid to use it when it is cold outside. We can lay these concerns to rest.  We assist clients with the delivery and installation of a new furnace. Our local team also provides maintenance and repair services. Simply let us know what you need and we will handle it. 


The Best Furnace for Your Home

When our licensed professional visits your home, they help you choose the right furnace replacement. Consider the layout of the home when choosing a unit, along with existing utilities. Your preferences also come into play, along with the cost of various installations. 

You are investing in the home when you request furnace installation near you. We need to ensure the right model is selected, so it adds value to your home. What should you consider when making this choice? 


Furnace Size

Manufacturers offer several furnace sizes. While smaller units come with a lower price tag, they might not provide sufficient heat for the home. The unit may run continuously in an attempt to heat the residence, only to never achieve this goal. Energy is wasted and utility bills skyrocket when this is the case. 


Fuel Supply

You must choose an energy source for the furnace installation near Ringgold. Often, the utilities currently in the home determine which source you will use. If you wish to use gas, for example, and the home doesn’t have a natural gas supply, installing this gas supply must factor into the overall cost of the project. 


Appliance Features

Thanks to advances in technology, homeowners find they can choose from a range of features when requesting a furnace installation in Ringgold, GA. Electronic ignitions, smart thermostats, and variable-speed motors are three features a homeowner may wish to consider. 


Installing the Furnace

Our team works to complete the installation process quickly and correctly, as we know you have better things to do than wait for us to finish our work. We remove the old unit before setting up and testing the new system. Our technicians clean as they go, so you won’t have a mess to deal with. We also answer questions you have regarding the furnace and how it operates. Our work isn’t done until we have your complete satisfaction. 


How Much Will a Furnace Installation Cost? 

Many factors play a role in how much you will pay to have a new furnace installation. This includes the system selected and the difficulty of the installation. We offer guaranteed upfront pricing, so you can make a choice that works for your budget and your lifestyle.  Check out the coupons on our website. Our goal is to help you save money on this necessary project. We are here to help you keep your home warm at an affordable price. 


Why Choose Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air

Your neighbors love Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air and you will too. Our family-owned business has technicians on call around the clock to help you in an emergency. 

We employ the best technicians in the business and require them to undergo a background check and regular drug tests for your safety. In addition, they take part in ongoing training to ensure they can address any heating and cooling challenges you face.  Contact us today at 423-441-4758 for a free estimate on a new heating system for the home. We’ll send someone out to help you find the right furnace for your needs. We are here to help.