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3 DIY Plumbing Fixes that Can Go Wrong

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Many individuals take pride in their DIY skills around the house, handling basic home repairs without much trouble. However, there are certain plumbing issues that should be left to licensed plumbers due to their complexity. Here are three frequent DIY plumbing problems that homeowners often misjudge.

Backed-up Floor Drains

Floor drains can experience occasional flooding, often due to debris like hair or sand. Homeowners might attempt to resolve this by using a snake or other hardware tool. Yet, a blocked drain might indicate a more significant issue deeper in the pipeline or involving stubborn substances that can’t be easily removed.

In such cases, seeking the expertise of a licensed plumber is recommended. Overzealous attempts to clear the drain could damage pipes or fail to fully address the issue, leading to recurring problems.

Leaky Shower Stalls

While a leaky shower might not initially seem like a major concern, it can have serious consequences. If a dripping faucet is causing water to accumulate behind or beneath the shower fixture, it could be causing harm to the underlying wooden structure of the home. This creates a breeding ground for mold, decay, and eventual deterioration of the shower enclosure.

Similar concerns apply to shower drains that frequently back up or flood. In these situations, consulting a plumber is wise to ensure no hidden damage is occurring under or behind the shower enclosure.

Broken Outdoor Faucets

Outdoor faucets are often overlooked since they aren’t used as frequently. A small drip may not seem significant, and homeowners might dismiss it as inconsequential. However, consistent dripping, no matter how infrequent, could be seeping down the side of the house, potentially damaging the foundation or basement.

Unseen problems like mold and serious structural damage can develop behind walls, causing odors and visible cracks. To protect the home’s foundation and structure, it’s important to have outdoor faucets and plumbing lines regularly checked and repaired.

When it comes to fixes like these, enlisting the help of a professional plumber can be a cost-effective and time-saving choice in the long run.

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