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4 Common Reasons Behind Air Conditioner Failures that Require Air Conditioner Repair | Cleveland, TN

4 Common Reasons Behind Air Conditioner Failures that Require Air Conditioner Repair   Cleveland TN
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Your air conditioner is pretty much your best friend during the summer. After all, who can bear the scorching heat without it?

With that said, as important as air conditioners may be, it’s true that we also face a lot of problems with them. Sometimes, they simply refuse to throw out cool air. Other times, they simply don’t switch on. There are hosts of other problems faced by air conditioners, especially when they are in constant use. These require you to call an expert for air conditioner repair in the Cleveland, TN area.

But what are the reasons behind these issues?

Are there any warning signs to look out for to get timely repairs?

In this article, we have listed all the reasons why air conditioner breaks down or fail to perform at the optimal level.

1.   Compressor Failure

One of the main reasons of air conditioner failures is the compressor. And, if it is the compressor, then you have to prepare yourself for costly repairs as there is probably a major problem facing you. Only expert professionals offering air conditioner repair should be allowed to repair your air conditioner.

The compressor is the most important component of an air conditioner. In fact, it cannot work if the compressor is not working properly. While the compressor requires little maintenance and is quite strong, some factors can cause it to break down.

Here are some reasons why your air conditioner compressor may have broken down:

Coil: The compressor may give up if there is too much dust and dirt accumulated over it. Too much build-up on the coil will affect the ability of the compressor to remove the accumulated heat from the system. This decreases its efficiency and ultimately the compressor will have to over-work itself to cool the air. This will heat up the compressor which leads to serious damage to its components. You will need to call experts to clean the coil and repair the compressor.

Refrigerant: Another reason why compressors don’t function to their optimal condition is the refrigerant. Compressors require an optimal amount of refrigerant for it to work well. Fault refrigerant lines or low quality refrigerant can leads to low functioning of the compressor. Leaking of refrigerant makes the air conditioner underperformed. Similarly, too much of it can also damage the system. Experts offering air conditioner repair know the optimum quantity of refrigerant for each air conditioner. They will restore it to the right amount and will also fix leaking issues, if any.

Refrigerant Lines: Refrigerant is pumped through refrigerant lines. If these lines are somehow blocked, it will lead to overheating of the compressor and ultimately compressor failure. You should only trust well-reputed service offering air conditioner repair to fix these problems. They must insert the correct-sized refrigerant line in the compressor or else it would again break down because of too much air pressure.


2.   Electrical Issues

If your air conditioner is facing electrical issues, then it can be a big problem. In fact, it is one of the most common reasons of air conditioner failure requiring air conditioner repair in the Cleveland, TN area. The damage caused to the air conditioner from electrical problems is terrible. If not taken care of in time, you may have to change the air conditioning unit altogether.

Thus, you must get your air conditioner checked regularly for damaged wiring and short fuses. You can avoid costly repairs if you take some preventive measures.

Shoddy wiring is not only a risk to your air conditioning system but also poses a serious risk to your life. It can lead to dangerous fires if there is a short circuit. The circuit breaker will also trip much often and you will not be able to use the air conditioner. Thus, get a trusted air conditioner repair in the Cleveland, TN area service to come and take a look at the wiring and circuits to ensure that everything is fine.


3.   Evaporator Coil Problems

Air conditioners have an evaporator coil that is filled with refrigerant. The main job of this coil is to keep your interiors cool by absorbing heat from the surroundings. These coils will only function as long as there is enough warm air circulating them. These coils can freeze easily if you don’t have a well-maintained air conditioning system. You must clean the air filter every now and then and also keep your ductwork clean. Blocked airways or ducts cause blocking of air which freezes the coil and ultimately cause the air conditioner to break down. Call in experts offering for regular maintenance of your air conditioner to avoid this issue.


4.   Leaking Ducts

The ducts take cool air from the air conditioner to the insides of the house through walls. If these ducts are leaking, most of the cool air will simply leak through the ceilings and walls before reaching its destination. Not only this, your air conditioner will have to over-work to make up for the lost air. This will cause the compressor to over-run which leads to other serious issues in the compressor. You will also have to pay high energy bills. It is best to call in experts offering air conditioner repair in Cleveland, TN to install your air conditioners. These problems are very common if inexperienced and amateurs have done the installation of your air conditioning system.


These were some of the most common reasons why air conditioners break down. If your air conditioner is not working at its optimum level, then call the experts offering air conditioner repairs. At Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air, we have years of experience working with air conditioners. Our experts are able to quickly identify the problem and start working on its resolution right away. This prevents further damage to the system, saving you the cost of replacing the air conditioner.

Get in touch with us if you need air conditioner repair in the Cleveland, TN area.

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