5 Signs That It Is Time To Call A Professional In Water Heater Repair | Chattanooga, TN

5 Signs That It Is Time To Call A Professional In Water Heater Repair   Chattanooga TN
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Every appliance in your Chattanooga, TN home, has an important purpose that makes your life easier. One of the most essential appliances in your home is the water heater. Without a properly functioning water heater, you cannot shower. You also cannot perform basic household tasks like washing dishes, doing your laundry, and performing household chores.

Because you rely so greatly on your water heater, the last thing that you want is for it to break down completely. The best way to prevent this from happening is to be able to recognize the signs that the water heater is malfunctioning so that you can call a professional in water heater repair. There are a few signs that you should look out for.

#1 No Hot Water

The most obvious sign that your water heater is not functioning properly is if you aren’t getting any hot water. The same is true if the water isn’t getting as hot as you would look. Before calling a professional, you should first check the thermostat on the water heater. It is recommended that you keep the temperature set to 120 to 140 degrees. This will ensure that your water is hot enough, but not too hot that you or a member of your family will get burned.

If the thermostat is set correctly, you should call a professional in water heater repair. The problem could be a malfunctioning heating element. If one of the heating elements is broken, only half of the tank’s water will stay hot. If both have failed, you won’t have any hot water at all. The sooner you call a professional, the sooner you will have hot water again.

#2 Not Enough Hot Water

If you have been living in your home for a while, you know how many people can shower and how much hot water you can use before you run out. If you are suddenly running out of hot water faster than usual, there is likely a problem with your water heater. If there is a new member of your family, they will need to use hot water, which could be why you are running out so quickly. If this is the case, you might want to consider installing a larger water heater or a tankless system that delivers hot water on demand.

If there are no new family members in your home, you should call a water heater repair professional. If one of the heating elements has failed, only half of the tank will stay hot, causing you to run out faster. The sooner you call a professional in water heater repair, the sooner you will get through a shower without running out of hot water.

#3 Rusty Water

When you turn on the water, it should come out clean and clear. If the water is coming out with a brown tint, it is likely rust. If the hot and cold water is going out brown, the problem likely lies within your plumbing system. If one of the pipes has rusted and corroded, the water will come out rusty. If just the hot water is coming out rusty, the problem lies within your water heater. Over time, rust and sediment can build up inside the water tank. When this happens, it can cause the water to come out rusty. If the problem isn’t too severe, the water can be drained from the tank and the inside can be cleaned. If the problem is severe, you may need to replace your existing water heater.

Because it is unsafe to bathe in, cook with and drink rusty water, it is essential that you call a professional in water heater repair as soon as you see that there is a problem.

#4 Strange Sounds

When your water heater is functioning properly, it should be silent. At most, you should hear a low-level hum. If the water heater in your Chattanooga, TN, home is making strange sounds like a rumbling or a clanging, you should call a professional in water heater repair.

As mentioned above, sediment and mineral deposits can build up inside the tank. When the water heats up, it causes the sediment to come loose and move around. If the pieces are big enough, they will make a clanging or rumbling sound inside the tank. If you allow the problem to persist, a large piece of sediment can cause damage to the inside of the tank, potentially causing a flood. The best way to prevent water damage from a flood is to call a professional in water heater repair as soon as you discover that there is a problem.

#5 Moisture Around the Water Heater

If the water heater in your home is functioning properly, there are around the water heater should be dry. If there is any moisture around the appliance, you should call a professional in water heater repair immediately. The problem could be something simple like a clogged, broken, or disconnected hose. The problem could also be something more serious, like a leak in the tank itself.

Moisture around the unit can result in water damage to the structure of your home. It can also cause a mold issue; therefore, you should call a professional as soon as you notice moisture around the water heater.

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