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6 Benefits Of Septic Tank Pumping | Chattanooga, TN

6 Benefits Of Septic Tank Pumping   Chattanooga TN
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Septic tanks are a popular sewerage system because they’re safe, efficient and cost-effective. Septic tank pumping is an important septic maintenance procedure that homeowners, businesses or RV owners can adopt to keep their systems working perfectly. It’s advisable to pump the septic tank every few years, depending on tank size and the number of users.

Although a septic tank will allow you to live without worrying about the state of your local sewer system, septic tank pumping, and proper maintenance can increase its longevity. Neglecting your septic tank system will have negative impacts on your sewerage system. You should have your sewer and drain cleaning expert visit your residence in Chattanooga, TN, to pump your tank often for the following benefits.

1. Prevent Slow Drain

When you fail to get septic tank pumping regularly, sludge and sediment may build up. A full septic tank may interfere with the free flow of household sinks and faucets. Your toilet may start to flush slowly or fail to flush at all, depending on the severity of the problem. It may become hard to use some of these facilities with comfort due to the slow drain.

Septic tank pumping ensures there’s no excess waste and water residue. It facilitates the smooth flow of water and waste in your house. When you allow professionals to empty your septic tank, your plumbing system can continue supporting your toilet, sinks and faucets without fail.

2. Prevent Bad Odor

A poorly maintained septic tank can encourage the development of sewage odor. The smell is a result of the accumulation of residue and detritus in the system. The smell is strong around the toilets and drain and may even spread to the surrounding areas.

Septic tank pumping prevents the accumulation of waste in your plumbing system. The chances of your system producing sewage odor reduce drastically as the waste doesn’t accumulate a leak. A reliable plumbing company in Chattanooga, TN, can help you keep your system free of sewage odor.

3. Save Money

When your septic tank is not emptied regularly, you may expose yourself to unnecessary expenses due to the resulting damages. Your septic system may destroy one or more of its components, forcing you to spend your money on repairs and replacements. You may have to be calling technicians for repairs resulting from a full septic tank.

Although septic tank pumping costs money, it saves money in the long run. Furthermore, emptying it is only necessary in two to three years. Maintaining your septic system can allow it to run smoothly, thereby increasing its lifespan. Recurring expenses on repairs and replacements may drop drastically when you empty your tank on time.

4. Protect Your Property

Your septic tank is prone to overfilling when it’s not drained regularly. The untreated wastewater can lead to the development of swampy areas around the system. Raw sewage can reach the surface and become a health hazard when you or your loved ones are exposed to it. The waste can wreak havoc on your property and even make it inhabitable. Your property can be exposed to flooding and more damage.

Septic tank pumping prevents the tank from overfilling. There’s no risk of the dirt getting to the surface and polluting the surrounding environment. Flooding and damage to your sewer system are also less likely when you empty the tank. Pumping the septic tank regularly prevents issues and decreases the severity of the damage when something bad happens.

5. Prevents Water Contamination

Septic tanks hold human waste. Before the effluent enters the groundwater, it’s filtered. When this system is not maintained correctly, it can allow bacteria and other dangerous compounds to flow into the environment. When the sewage begins seeping into the surrounding ground, it can end up contaminating underground water.

If you get water from a well, it’s advisable to maintain your septic system properly. Septic tank pumping can reduce the chances of contaminating underground water. Pumping the septic tank as required can allow the system to function as designed, thereby controlling any contaminants’ release. Nevertheless, if you rely on underground water, it’s advisable to test it regularly to ensure it’s safe.

6. Increase Property Value

If you’re planning to sell your property, you should consider the state of your septic system. A potential buyer will be interested in knowing how you maintained your system. Discoloration in and around your septic system due to septic tank overfilling can discourage potential buyers from purchasing your property. You may take longer to sell your property if you’ve neglected your septic system.

Buyers looking for a house with a septic tank may be concerned about the status of the system. Septic tank pumping can be an added advantage when selling your property. A home with a clean tank is attractive to more buyers and is more likely to sell at a higher price than an unmaintained system. Although maintaining your septic system may cost some money, the financial benefits when selling the property may outweigh it.

Septic tank pumping can go a long way in ensuring that your system remains operational for a longer time and that the surrounding environment isn’t polluted. If you’ve been reluctant to pump your tank regularly, now you understand why you should do it often. Contact our team of professionals today in Chattanooga, TN, and we’ll ensure your system is in the best state possible.

Why You Should Hire Professionals for Septic Tank Pumping

Regular maintenance procedures are essential when you want to improve the performance of your sewer system. Simple tasks such as proper food disposal and repairing leaks don’t require you to have special skills. For example, if your toilet is not draining properly, you can unclog it on your own.

When it comes to more serious maintenance procedures like septic tank pumping, you should always get a professional to help you. Cleaning the septic pump includes removing the waste and transporting it to a designated waste site for proper disposal. Qualified people are the best to handle such a sensitive task. Here are some of the advantages of hiring a professional to drain your septic tank.

  • Saves Time and Money

Septic tank pumping and cleaning can be more challenging than you may think. You have to get all the right tools to empty your tank. You also need to find a place to dump your waste and find a means to transport the waste there. Such a process can be time-consuming and expensive to do on your own. You may also have to skip work or postpone the activity until you get enough time for the task.

Getting professionals to empty your septic tank is convenient and cost-effective. You won’t worry about how you’ll handle your waste without exposing yourself to contamination. The company will come to your premises with bigger and more efficient machinery that can drain your tank fast. They’ll also leave with the waste and dispose of it in the right place.

  • Equipment

Septic tank pumping can only be done with the right equipment. Even if you feel that you can clean your tank without hiring professionals, getting the right equipment for the job can be expensive. You may choose to buy or rent some of these tools. Besides, you may not know how to use some of these tools because you’re not an expert. Identifying the source of the problem can also be challenging.

When you contact your favorite plumbing company in Chattanooga, TN, for cleaning your septic tank, they’ll arrive on your premises with all the necessary tools and equipment. These experts know how to use equipment such as gully suckers and powerful suction hoses. The use of correct tools can significantly reduce the chances of damaging your system in the process and help get the job done fast. The experts can also easily locate the source of the problem.

  • Follow Laws and Regulations

Choosing unqualified and unlicensed technicians to empty your tank carries many risks. They may not comply with local laws and regulations, which may lead to civil suits. When you drain your tank alone, you may end up damaging it, and there’ll be no one to compensate you. You may even dispose of the waste in the wrong place, leading to more problems with the authorities.

When you hire a reputable company for sewer and septic services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your system is handled by people who’re familiar with the local laws and regulations. These experts are insured and licensed. They’ll follow the necessary guidelines when repairing the system.

  • Knowledge and Experience

Septic tank pumping is not something that you can learn and master within a few hours. When cleaning your septic system, you also need to deal with grease, oil and fats that may be causing clogging problems. Identifying some of your system’s problems can be challenging because you lack the necessary skills and experience. You could also end up destroying some of the components in your system unknowingly and incur considerable costs in repair and replacement.

When a team of well-trained technicians arrives on your premises to empty your septic, it won’t second-guess the problem with your system or how to tackle it. They have the necessary skills and knowledge to pump your septic tank. They can provide effective services for all your septic system repair needs. When you rely on a recognized company like Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air, they’ll leave your tank clean and in a better condition than before.

  • Safety Assurance

Septic tank pumping can expose you to disease-causing chemicals and bacteria. Although you may not want to put your hands in foul-smelling septic waste, this is precisely what you have to deal with when you empty the tank on your own. You must know how to do the job safely. Cleaning your septic tank can therefore expose you and those around you to potential health risks.

It’s better to hire well-trained technicians to deal with everything because they have the best equipment and experience. They also have the necessary tools to clean your septic system without the risk of incurring infections. The experts will empty your tank professionally without affecting your property and neighbors. If you want to avoid health risks when draining your septic tank in Chattanooga, TN, you should consider hiring an expert.

  • Offer Advice

When you hire unqualified technicians to drain your tank, they may not share important information with you, and the problem you’re dealing with now could occur again. And if you go the DIY way, you may not learn how to prevent such problems from occurring again. You may even not know what has caused your system to leak.

Hiring qualified experts for your septic tank pumping is a wise idea as you can benefit from their knowledge. They may tell you the cause of the problem and share tips to avoid such an issue in the future. They can also advise you on keeping the tank and the entire septic system safe from future leaks. You can learn about some of the inexpensive materials you can use to maintain a healthy septic tank.

  • Maintain a Healthy Home

Septic waste is dangerous and can cause ailments and other health issues when not drained professionally. When you drain your tank without the assistance of a qualified technician, you may end up contaminating your home, exposing everyone to diseases. You may even contaminate your yard and the surroundings.

When you hire professionals for your septic tank pumping needs, they’ll do it without exposing anyone to any health hazard. They’ll leave your septic system in good working condition to prevent further damage and transport all the waste to the disposal site.

Call the Professionals

Don’t let your septic tank overfill and cause more damage to your property in Chattanooga, TN. Given that septic tank pumping is an important maintenance procedure, it’s advisable to ensure it’s handled by professionals like Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air. Contact us for professional sewer and septic services today.

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