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6 Top Causes of Drainage Problems That Warrant Plumbing Repair | Chattanooga, TN

6 Top Causes of Drainage Problems That Warrant Plumbing Repair   Chattanooga TN
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The plumbing system in your home or business premise is a fixture you use for a lifetime. That said, the chances of your drainage network developing faults and problems are high. Nothing is so stressful as losing sleep in the middle of the night because of a leaking toilet pipe or an annoying sound of continuous drip from the sink faucet. Whatever the case, hiring a qualified and trusted plumbing repair technician in Chattanooga, TN, provides a reliable means of finding a long-lasting solution to your conduit connection. Besides, it alleviates potential damage to other elements of the home, such as the floors, walls, and maintains the sanitary conditions of the house.

Understanding the different causes of inefficient flow or damages to the pipes helps you to troubleshoot some of the everyday and significant plumbing problems. Knowing these issues puts you in a better position to prevent or minimize the occurrence of a fault or burst within the sewer connection. This article discusses the causes of drainage problems that warrant the services of an expert plumbing repair technician.

1.  Dripping Faucets

Have you ever dealt with a dripping sink that can’t stop releasing water droplets after every five seconds? Not only does the continued plink irritates, but it results in higher water bills in the long run. With each drop, water is wasted, and if the matter is left unsolved, it may lead to hundreds of gallons going down the drainage. Faucets comprise rubber and silicone seals that prevent the flow of pressurized water from flowing from a closed tap. As time goes on, the washers become stiff, worn-out, and displaced, causing the water to drip slowly. While you may resort to a DIY approach, there may be underlying issues that are beyond the capability of a layman and require the use of specialized tools. At this time, it is best to leave the matter to professional plumbing companies.

2.  Slow Flow from Sinks

A slow drain typically occurs because of the build-up of congealed fat or other organic particles and debris within the sink connection. In other areas like the bathroom, the issue occurs because of knotted hair strings or soap. DIYers may only halt the problem for a short while, and when it reappears, it is likely to cause a bigger problem. Depending on the nature of the issue, a Chattanooga, TN plumber will use different techniques to clear the conduit. Your plumbing repair professional may unclog the sink using a plunger, drain augers, vinegar, and soda ash, or use chemicals. A qualified technician understands which chemicals to use and how often to use them to ensure the longevity of your drains.

3.  Low Water Pressure

If you notice some discoloration on drywalls or the ceiling in your home, then you may be facing a problem with low pressure. Discolored patches not only take away the visual appeal of the interior environment, but they are also a red flag, indicating that the flow is restricted. Usually, the leak occurs within a section of a hidden pipe. It’s better not to ignore the warning, as it may lead to significant water damages and increased costs of repairs and replacements. According to most plumbing repair experts, low water pressure is a symptom of major drainage problems such as corroded drains, sewer clogs, cracked and blocked sewer channels, and concealed leakages in the home.

  • Running Toilet

When the toilet runs, the chances are that some of the internal components are no longer functioning correctly. It’s a sensitive matter that is best dealt through expert plumbing repair works. Uncontrolled flow continues even after flushing the toilet, and no matter how long you twist the handle of the cistern, it becomes hard to make the drip stop. Such an occurrence takes place when the float is at an imbalance, lose fill tubes, or the flapper seal that allows water to drain from the tank to the toilet bowl has fallen out of position. Whereas you can purchase a toilet-repair kit and get the job done, the issue may be more complex, affecting the inlet and outlet of the tank. Sediments and vestiges of particles can still be lodged in the cistern, and it only takes the skill and experience of a plumbing repair service to diagnose and remedy the problem. The technician knows how to detect harmful particulate matter and how to rid the tank of them.

  • Damaged Water Heater

Homeowners in Chattanooga, TN, cannot notice a problem with their water heaters until they step in the shower, and the water abruptly goes cold. Several issues can cause the water heater to develop a fault. For instance, sediments at the base of the tank can be the culprit. Other causes include a faulty thermostat, or the pilot light may go off. A fixture like the water heater is related to the electrical connection of the home. Essentially, you want to hire a qualified service for your plumbing repair. Trained plumbers use updated tools to inspect, repair, or fix the heating tank. Furthermore, they are knowledgeable about the safety codes and procedures, thus alleviating any risks of injuries or electrocution during plumbing works.

  • Blocked Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal is a critical feature of the home, helping householders rid the property of trash. Like other parts of the conduit system, they get jammed sometimes. Disposing garbage without water is harmful to the pipes. Additionally, running potato skins, carrot peels, cornhusks, or cutlery down the drains is problematic to the conduit network. The disposals feature different designs and mechanical function. Handling them by yourself is ill-advised because you lack the experience to inspect parts such as the reset button, motor, or access to specific repair tools like the wrench. The best solution is to call a trusted plumbing repair company. They have appropriately-sized, project-specific tools and skills to free the rotor or troubleshoot the reset controls to restore the normal, efficient functioning of the fixture.

Are you facing a drainage issue within your home? Whether it is a simple issue with the sink faucet or a more complicated leakage along the major sewer channels, you can count on Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air to offer superior plumbing repair services. Our extensive portfolio also includes new installations and replacements, drain cleaning, water filtration, etc. Phone us today and experience top-quality, consumer-centric plumbing services.

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