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6 Ways to Improve Your Air Conditioner’s Efficiency | Air Conditioning Service in Cleveland, TN

6 Ways to Improve Your Air Conditioners Efficiency   Air Conditioning Service in Cleveland TN

Air conditioning systems are one of the best inventions of the last century. It is hard to imagine a lifestyle of people that existed without them. Although air conditioning systems are the cheapest they have ever been today, some people still think they are relatively expensive to run. It is somewhat true that an air conditioning system consumes significantly more energy than all the other electronic appliances at your home. However, if you run it properly, then you can reduce its impact on your electricity bills.

One of the most important things to do to make sure that your air conditioner runs more efficiently is to get them regularly serviced. Therefore, call for the best air conditioning service in Cleveland, TN and get your air conditioner serviced if you haven’t already.

If you follow the tips mentioned below, then you will be able to run the air conditioner efficiently:

1.   Keep Both Inside and Outside Unit Clean

Cleanliness is really important for almost all electrical and mechanical equipment. Since air conditioning systems operate by blowing cool air inside, they require extra cleanliness. You need to make sure both the inside and outside unit of the air conditioners are clean at all times.

If they are dirty from outside, they will send in contaminated air that will not only be dangerous for the health of people living in the house, but it will also clog up the air filter pretty quickly. A clogged up air filter can cause so many problems such as no cool air, dirty air, and unnecessary power consumption. The best way to get your air conditioner thoroughly cleaned is by calling air conditioning service in Cleveland, TN for annual service. Professional cleaning makes sure that there are no problems in your air conditioner regarding cleanliness.

2.   Increase the Thermostat at Night Time

It is alright to blast the air conditioner at full throttle during the sizzling hot summer days to drive away as much heat possible. But even during the summer days, temperatures drop significantly during the night time. Therefore, you don’t need to run the air conditioning systems at the same intensity as you do during the day.

By setting the thermostat at a higher temperature, you will still be able to feel comfortable after a while. The best thing about it is that the higher the thermostat temperature is, the lower the energy that will be consumed by the air conditioning system. If this technique is unable to increase the energy efficiency of your air conditioner, then there might be a problem with your unit. You need to call air conditioning service in Cleveland, TN to get it looked at by professionals.

3.   Keep Heat Generating Appliances Away From Thermostat

The thermostat of the air conditioning system is a sensitive component that is fitted with a thermometer inside it. Therefore, they need to be placed in the most neutral place in your home according to the temperature. This is because a thermostat controls the air conditioning system by sensing the indoor temperature. If it senses the temperature is too high, then it increases the intensity of the air conditioner and reduces it if the temperature is low enough. Therefore, keep all the heat generating appliances, such as lamps or toasters, away from the thermostat as they might trick it in a wrong way.

If you still notice inefficiency in the performance of your air conditioner, then you need to get it checked by calling air conditioning service in Cleveland, TN.

4.   Properly Insulate Your Home

During the scorching hot summer days, it might get a bit difficult for the air conditioning system to battle the hot temperatures. It requires assistance to perform efficiently, and that assistance is home insulation. Insulation helps you control the indoor temperature and maintain it for a long time. It doesn’t let the outside temperature interfere with the indoor atmosphere, which eases the pressure on the air conditioning system. Make sure to install curtains or blinds on the windows of your house and also paint the roof in a light color to reflect the heat.

If you still don’t notice an increase in the efficiency of the air conditioning system, then it certainly has some technical issues. You need to get it repaired by calling the best air conditioning service in Cleveland, TN.

5.   Clear the Drain

Every air conditioning system is fitted with a drainage system in order to get rid of the moisture buildup inside. Since air conditioners are temperature cooling machines, moisture buildup due to low temperature is almost inevitable. The drainage system can efficiently dispose of this moisture through a pipe, which you can direct anywhere.

A clogged drainage system of the air conditioner can lead up to several problems. It can cause leaks in unwanted places, such as on the electric components of the air conditioner. It may also cause the air conditioner to be extremely inefficient. Therefore, you need to make sure the drain is always clear to ensure top efficiency of the air conditioning system. Call the best air conditioning service in Cleveland, TN to clear your drains if they aren’t already.

6.   Insulate the Ducts

Ducts are the pathways that direct the cool air in your home. If there are leaks in your ducts, then inefficiency of the air conditioning system is inevitable. Make sure all of the ducts in your home are properly sealed and insulated. If you have ducts on your rooftop, then you need to insulate them with heat reflecting material. Call the best air conditioning service in Cleveland, TN to ensure the proper insulation of the ducts.

If you are looking for the best air conditioning service in Cleveland, TN, then the best place to contact is Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air. We provide the best plumbing, air conditioning, and heating services in the area. So feel free to contact us anytime, and we will be happy to help you.

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