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7 Air Conditioner Mistakes Everyone Should Avoid | Air Conditioning Service in Chattanooga, TN

7 Air Conditioner Mistakes Everyone Should Avoid   Air Conditioning Service in Chattanooga TN
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For people living in areas that experience a hot and humid climate throughout, an air conditioner is a necessity. It maintains the indoor temperature and provides the occupants with a cool and comfortable living space. However, traditional ACs can increase your electricity bills, and this is why several homeowners are investing in energy efficient AC units. Furthermore, it is of vital importance to install the AC in the right manner and maintain it regularly. In order to ensure proper installation and maintenance of your AC, it is extremely important that you find a good air conditioning service in Chattanooga, TN.

There are times, during installation or usage, that people make certain mistakes with their air conditioners. These mistakes affect the quality of your AC and keep it from functioning perfectly. When an air conditioning unit fails, your first reaction is to seek help from a professional air conditioning service in Chattanooga, TN.

Let’s take a look at some air conditioner mistakes everyone should avoid.

1. Buying an AC That Is Too Big

When it comes to installing an AC in your home, the biggest AC isn’t always the best. Most people buy a big AC, hoping that it would cool their house quickly. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen and the AC fails to cool the house quickly and reduce the humidity. A big AC proves to be inefficient, for it turns on and off too quickly. On the flipside, an AC that is too small will also fail to meet the cooling needs. It is best to go for medium-sized AC, which is energy efficient and capable of cooling the house quickly. To make things easy, seek advice from a reputable air conditioning service in Chattanooga, TN.

2. Installing the AC in a Hot Spot

It is seemingly easy to place an AC in an empty space on the wall, and it is. But if you place the AC on the southwest side of the house, it will be surrounded by heat. This heat will make the AC work harder, thus increasing your energy bills. Instead, it is a good idea to place the AC on the north-east side of the house, where the sunlight doesn’t come directly. This will reduce the load on your AC and keep your energy bills under control. Instead of deciding where to place your AC unit, it would be wise if you assign the task to a professional air conditioning service in Chattanooga, TN.

3. Hiding the Condenser

One of the most common mistakes people make when installing an AC is that they pay less attention to where the condenser is placed. It is understandable that your AC is not something visually appealing, but neither are the high and mighty electricity bills. A lot of the people try to hide away the AC condenser behind bushes and plants. Unfortunately, the plants and the shrubs hinder the ventilation and clog the coils with leaves. With the ventilation hindered and the coils clogged, an AC fails to function as expected. Furthermore, it has a negative impact upon your electricity bills. Instead of taking the decision in your own hands, it is best to let a reliable provider of air conditioning service in Chattanooga, TN do the talking.

4. A Delay in Maintenance

Air conditioners are self-sufficient devices to the point of being deceptive. One common mistake a lot of people make is that they ignore or delay the routine maintenance of their air conditioner. Regular maintenance can improve the efficiency of an AC and make it last longer, thus saving you a lot of money. The filters must be replaced or cleaned at least once a month. If the AC is used frequently, or there are pets in the house, the filters need to be checked more frequently than necessary. Along with the filters, the evaporator coils must be checked regularly too. To make your AC function smoothly, contact a reliable air conditioning service in Chattanooga, TN to inspect the AC and make any repairs if needed.

5. Blindly Closing Unclosed Vents

There are lots of conflicting views when it comes to closing the vents of unused rooms. In a lot of cases, this can decrease the efficiency of an air conditioning unit. Before you close the vents of an unused room, it is better to seek a second opinion from an experienced provider of air conditioning service in Chattanooga, TN. An air conditioning professional deals with such issues on a daily basis, and can better guide you as to when the vents should be closed. Also, be very careful when shutting the rooms that have a thermostat in them.

6. Leaving the AC Running for the Whole Day

Running the AC longer than usual exerts extra load on the appliance and forces it to perform harder than its capacity. To make things easy, get hold of a programmable thermostat. You can even use an individual unit timer, which can make the AC start cooling the space before you get home. These two options are cheaper and efficient alternatives to leaving the AC running for the entire day. For more alternatives, you can contact a reasonable air conditioning service in Chattanooga, TN.

7. Keeping the Temperature Too Low

If you are comfortable with 45 degrees, it does not mean that you have to run your AC at 45 degrees. If won’t get you up to 45 degrees in the blink of an eye. Instead, it will waste a great deal of energy to attain that temperature. Before handling an air conditioner, it is best to have a detailed discussion with your air conditioning service in Chattanooga, TN, about the ideal temperature for an AC.


When installing or handling an AC, refrain from making the above mentioned mistakes. If you are looking for the best air conditioning service in Chattanooga, TN, stop looking because you just found one. With a team of seasoned professionals, we provide the best air conditioning services. For further information, feel free to visit our website now.


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