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7 Reasons You Should Call for Sump Pump Service | Cleveland, TN

7 Reasons You Should Call for Sump Pump Service   Cleveland TN
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Sump pumps are an excellent way to manage excess water in basements, crawl spaces, or in other areas around your Cleveland, TN, property. You expect them to function correctly, and they generally provide years of reliable service. However, when something goes wrong, you may not notice it until your belongings are floating around in a couple of inches of water. Keep your home dry in the storm by calling for sump pump services if you notice any of these seven issues with your unit.

1.  The Power Has Been Cut to Your Pump

If your pump is not getting power, you want to find out why before you need to use it again. There are several simple reasons that it could be, so check to see if it got unplugged or one of your circuit breakers have been thrown first. If not, schedule sump pump services to check the motor and other components of your Cleveland, TN, sump pump.

In cases where you use a battery backup or multi-pump system, a lack of power could indicate a serious problem. Schedule sump pump services as soon as possible to ensure that your system is back up and running to keep your home dry no matter how much water is trying to come in.

2.  The Pump Is Running Continuously

A properly sized and operating sump pump should not run nonstop. Even in heavy rain or flooding, there should be brief intervals between pumping. That is how a sump system works.

When it isn’t pumping, your basin will fill up with water. This could take minutes in a heavy inflow of water, or it could take days if there is only seepage. When the water reaches a predetermined level, a switch will trigger within your pump to let it know it’s time to empty the basin.

These are some of the most common causes of sump pump overdrive:

  • A stuck float or switch on the pump
  • A high-water table or constant inflow of water
  • A faulty check or backflow valve
  • The pump in your system is too small for your needs

The only way to tell for sure why your pump is continuously running is to have a professional plumber inspect the system. Then you can schedule the correct sump pump services to ensure your system runs only when you need it to.

3.  There Is No Water in Your Sump Basin

A dry sump pit isn’t a bad thing if it’s been dry unless, of course, your pump is running when there is no water to move. That is a sign of a problem. Sump pump services performed by a plumber can help you determine if it is just a stuck switch or something more serious.

Be sure to unplug your pump in this situation. Letting it run dry can cause the motor to overheat or potentially wear out.

4.  The Sump Pump Is Making Loud or Gurgling Noises

If the telltale swish of water being pumped out is followed by a gurgling sound and water rushing back into the pit, you should schedule sump pump services right away. You may have a broken backflow or check valve. The result is water that your system is trying to get out flows back in.

Since your pump is only designed to handle water flowing in one direction, this could lead to major damage. Arrange for sump pump services to be performed to repair the issue before you burn a motor and experience flooding.

5.  Your Pump Is Unusually Noisy

While you want to know your sump pump is working correctly, you probably don’t want to hear it running all day and night. If your system is suddenly making more noise than normal, it could be a sign of trouble with your motor.

If your pump is acting up, disconnect it from its power source. This may help you minimize damage from overheating, and it can reduce the risk of a potentially dangerous situation. If you have a backup pump, now would be a good time to use it. Then, contact a plumber who is familiar with sump pump services to come and look at your system. They can determine what the problem is and give you an idea of how best to fix it.

6.  Pipes or the Pump Are Clogged

Sometimes, pipes or your pump’s valves can get clogged with sediment. This may be noticeable in water only trickling out of outlet pipes. You may even notice a visible accumulation of muck or mud within your sump pit or basin. In that case, you may want to have someone come out and clean out the system.

Sump pump services that can help include cleaning pipes, flushing your pump system, and installing covers or screens to keep contaminants out.

7.  Your Pump Is More than Five Years Old

The average life expectancy for a quality sump pump is about ten years. Some factors will affect how long your sump pump can remain in service. They include things like the frequency of use, the volume of water being pumped, how far that water must be moved, and the quality of your actual pump unit.

A qualified plumber can help you keep your pump running smoothly or alert you to possible problems that may be coming your way. So, if your system is nearing or past middle age, you should have routine inspections and maintenance performed on it. This can help you maximize its useful life and avoid a costly pump failure.

Get the Sump Pump Services You Need

If you have noticed these or other signs of trouble with your sump pump, it may be time to seek help from an experienced plumber. Contact the professionals at Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air in Cleveland, TN for the reliable and prompt sump pump services you need for your system.

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