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What Is Wrong with My Septic Tank? | Insight from Your Trusted Chattanooga, TN Septic Tank Repair Experts

What Is Wrong with My Septic Tank Insight from Your Trusted Chattanooga TN Septic Tank Repair Experts
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Septic Tank Repair is one of those things we don’t really want to deal with or even know about, but it’s an essential part of living with indoor plumbing, something we all appreciate.

Keeping the septic tank in good working order is the first step in avoiding a septic tank repair. If you haven’t already, you’ll want to establish a good maintenance schedule for taking care of your septic tank. Have the septic tank pumped every two to three years to keep it in good working order. If you’re not sure how long it’s been since the last pumping, you should schedule one right away, because the septic tank will let you know when it is in need of emptying, and you want to avoid this at all costs.

Even taking those proactive steps doesn’t mean you’ll never have problems that require septic tank repair. In Chattanooga, TN you have 24/7 access to repair solutions, performed by professionals.

If you’ve noticed some foul odors in your home or yard, or worse, seen pools of standing water, or even worse than that, pools of water and solid matter in your yard or bathroom, you need septic tank repair. Pronto!

What is the problem? And how do I fix it?

  • Tree Roots – Many times tree roots will grow around your septic tank and the pipes leading into the tank. The roots will actually grow into pipes (because they know there is a water source), making holes and creating havoc. If you have a lot of trees in your yard, this may be the problem. Remember that tree roots grow a good distance away from the tree, so the tree doesn’t have to be on top of the septic tank to cause this problem. This kind of septic tank repair can only be repaired by a professional plumber. They will need to dig down around those pipes and replace them. And you may need to chop down a tree.
  • Holes and Cracks – Over time, holes and small cracks can develop in pipes as they grow older. Little bits of dirt or rocks seep into the cracks and they grow larger and larger until there is leakage of sewage. The pipes must be replaced in order to avoid major health risks and the nastiest smelling house on the block. In Chattanooga, TN, this kind of septic tank repair can be done by professionals who have the equipment to dig up and replace pipes leading to the septic tank.
  • Shifting Earth – As time goes on, the soil around your home shifts due to excessive rain or drought, or the soil expands and contracts depending on the temperature. All this soil movement, slow though it may be, can exert undue pressure on the pipes between your home and the septic tank, resulting in cracks and damaged pipes which allow leaks to occur.
  • Flushables – These are things we believe can be flushed/flushable, but they can make your septic tank pretty unhappy. This includes things like wipes that are advertised as flushable, hair, grease from the kitchen, any kind of paper (except toilet paper which is designed to disintegrate when wet), baby products or personal hygiene products. Nothing belongs in your toilet besides the obvious and the toilet paper we purchase in the store. Anything else can clog the pipes.
  • Chemicals – do not belong in your toilet. Using too much household cleaner can cause problems in the tank. The overuse of household cleaners that contain phosphates stimulates the growth of algae in the tank and this causes clogs.

Before septic tank repair can be performed, you have to know what needs to be repaired. It can be quite costly to just start digging holes in your yard, trying to discover the cause, not to mention the additional unsightly mess. In Chattanooga, TN your plumbing professionals can perform diagnostic tests to determine the cause of the leak or blockage by using a small camera on a scope. They simply snake the camera down into the lines until they find the problem that needs repair.

Septic tank repair can turn out to be very expensive, but it doesn’t have to. Here are a few tips:

  • Adhere to a regular maintenance schedule. Don’t neglect this important part of your home.
  • Have your septic tank inspected to make sure it’s working properly, and not too full.
  • Never park cars on top of the septic tank. This can cause damage to the tank which can result in leaks, which results in the need for septic tank repair.
  • Before you till up the ground for a new garden, be sure you know where the septic tank is.
  • If you’re a new homeowner, there will be a map in your home inspection paperwork that will show you where the septic tank is located on your property.
  • If there is no map, there are a couple of ways you can find your septic tank. There will be a lid over the pipe that is used to pump the tank, look for that. Now, over time this can become hard to find due to landscaping that is larger now, than when it was planted. If you can’t find the lid, follow the pipes from your home to the general area. This should make it easier to find. Still can’t find it? Call your septic tank repair professional in Chattanooga, TN and they can find it using transmitters.

At Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air in Chattanooga, TN, we have septic tank and plumbing professionals who can come out to your home 24/7 to resolve any problems. But before they happen, why not call us today and schedule an inspection, and then set up a regular maintenance schedule?

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