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AC Buyers Guide: Popular Brands | Insight from Your Trusted Chattanooga, TN Heating and AC Repair Service Provider

AC Buyers Guide Popular Brands   Insight from Your Trusted Chattanooga TN Heating and AC Repair Service Provider
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Chattanooga, TN home and business owners may have trouble with refurbishing their heating and cooling systems, but oftentimes, the problem can lie with the air conditioner itself. Heating and ac repair technicians agree that the air conditioner is the most important part of your home, and asking them is the right decision when purchasing one is really important. With this in mind, it can be easier to purchase an air conditioner when you judge them by the brand that manufactures them, as certain brands of air conditioner represent the values the manufacturer thinks is most important. If you’re a homeowner who’s new to heating and ac repair, and aren’t familiar with what to look for in an air conditioner, this guide is perfect for you.

Goodman Heating and Air Conditioning

The owner of another popular brand, Amana, Goodman is an air conditioning brand that exemplifies affordability. Amana is a high-end manufacturer of air conditioners, but because both brands are owned by the same owner, Goodman, the more affordable option, uses many of the same internal components that Amana uses (they’re both manufactured in the same plant in Texas, in fact), meaning you’re getting a cheaper air conditioner, for the value of a higher end model. Another bonus is an excellent warranty pay-out program that compares well with other brands on the market. Heating and ac repair professionals agree that your dollar goes a lot farther when it’s spent on a Goodman brand air conditioner.

York Air Conditioning and Heating Equipment

York Air Conditioning and Heating Equipment has an interesting history as a brand, as they didn’t start out making air conditioners, in fact their founding predated the invention of the air conditioner. They were founded as a manufacturer of ice maker machines in the early 1900’s in America, and later grew to incorporate their experience in refrigeration technology to create air conditioners and furnaces. The biggest features of York air conditioning is their reliability and their fair weather pricing, you’ll never get cheated when you buy a York air conditioner, but heating and ac repair experts agree that you’re not getting a steal either. Their models are usually on the heavy-duty side as well, so not only are they built to last, but they’re also great for homes that need a greater heating or cooling capacity.

Day and Night Air Conditioning and Heating Equipment

With Goodman in mind, Day and Night has a similar relationship with the company that manufactures Carrier, another high-end brand of air conditioner. The way Day and Night is marketed is an affordable air conditioner, but they use the same parts as higher end models. One of the big differences between them and Goodman, most heating and ac repair techs agree, is a lack of availability. While Goodman is widely available around the country, United Technologies (Owner of both Day and Night, and Carrier) Is based in Connecticut, meaning the farther you move West, the more likely it is you’ll have to pay shipping and handling for a big air conditioning unit. Another big plus for Day and Night air conditioning is the company’s emphasis on customer service. This however is also in line with the unit’s availability, with technicians being more readily supplied on the East coast, and the West coast having more rudimentary customer support. If you had to pick between Goodman and Day and Night, heating and ac repair technicians agree that the only question would be which would you value more, availability or customer service.

Mitsubishi Electric Ductless Split Heating and Air Conditioning

The question a heating and ac repair pro would ask here is, how many rooms are you trying to heat or cool? The tricky part about this brand is that this brand is super reliable and super-efficient, you can’t go wrong with purchasing a Mitsubishi brand ductless heater or air conditioner. The catch is in the way a ductless split heater works. To install a Ductless heater or air conditioner, you have to install a unit that has its own individual drainage, and electric, and each unit only cools that room, as it doesn’t rely on house-wide ventilation. With this in mind, each unit can cost several thousand dollars each, so if you were to purchase one of these for a room, it would be a pretty big investment, if you were heating a 3-bedroom home with a two-car garage, you’re looking at a pretty big chunk of change. At the end of the day, heating and ac repair techs would agree this is a great brand of air conditioner, just know that the cost is probably for people who have small houses, or maybe travel a lot and are in constant need of their own little portable heater or air conditioners

Trane Heating and Air Conditioning

Trane is a middling, reliable air conditioning and heating unit manufacturer. Their prices are average and their units run well, their customer support is average, and their warranty program has had issues in the past, but overall has run smoothly. The number one reason to buy these units, however, is in Trane’s reputation for commercial heating ventilation and cooling equipment. The unit’s showcased in this buyer’s guide have mostly been directed at residential customers, but for Chattanooga, TN business owners who are in the market for a reliable, experienced manufacturers, their reputation in this industry is markedly solid. In the case of a business, higher capacity and reliability year-round are exchanged for super-efficient, but smaller units, and that’s where heating and ac repair technicians agree that Trane operates best. If you own or manage a business that requires big coolers or heaters, Trane may be the manufacturer for you.

In Conclusion

A Chattanooga, TN home owner should always do their due diligence before making a major purchase, and research the products they’re paying for. With this in mind however, a heating and ac repair technician at Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air would agree that this guide should help inform you about the more popular models and how to make your decision going forward.

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