Air Conditioner Repair in Chattanooga, TN – What You Need to Know

Air Conditioner Repair in Chattanooga TN What You Need to Know

It is important to have some know-how about conditioning systems before you consider repairing an air conditioner in your office or home. If an air conditioning system has developed some fault or has broken down, people often end up using their own skills in trying to fix it. This is such a wrong approach because people often fail to understand the complexity of the situation.

Air conditioner, like any other appliance, has a complicated mechanism. Just because someone has ideas about wires and plugs does not mean he or she can open an air conditioner up to find out what’s wrong with it. In fact, doing so can worsen the situation and the condition of the air conditioner before it could be fixed. If you are looking for a reliable air conditioning repair in Chattanooga, TN, you might want to take a few important points into consideration.

To fix or repair an air conditioner, it is essential that you have full understanding of the concept. While some of you might be able to carry out some basic services, it is important to understand that HVAC repair (air conditioner, heating, and ventilation) is best done when left to professionals. A professional air conditioning repair in Chattanooga, TN can be looked for before proceeding with fixing it.

The regular air conditioners we have installed in our homes or offices work by following certain physics – and are usually comprised of two discreet units: the evaporator and the condenser. It is the latter that holds the Freon gas under pressure, which is passed through the heat exchanger. The heat is then removed from the gas and it is converted into liquid. The liquid passes through an expansion valve within the evaporator and the liquid gas once again converts into cooled gas. The cycle continues to offer you a chilled room temperature that you require.

The repair decision is as important as the decision of air conditioning installation in Chattanooga, TN is. If you cannot buy an air conditioner without seeking advice from professionals, you should not even plan a repair without professional consent. After all, you don’t want to ruin air conditioner forever.

So, before you go ahead and look for professional air conditioning repair in Chattanooga, TN, the following are some basics about the repair, services, and troubleshooting that you must take into account.

  • The System Does not Run

Before you call in for help for air conditioning repair in Chattanooga, TN, check for the circuit breakers and fuses. The problem may not be with the appliance itself but with the external factors and you don’t want to look stupid in front of the professionals. If the system still fails to run after checking the fuses and breakers, check the thermostat. Sometimes, it is set at a very high temperature and shows as if it is not working. Try lowering the thermostat by 5 degrees. In case that does not work either, you might want to call in for a professional air conditioning repair in Chattanooga, TN

  • No Cooling

Before considering buying and going for another air conditioning installation in Chattanooga, TN, try and look for why it is not cooling. Again, check the temperature at the thermostat and try lowering it by a few degrees. Restart the air conditioner and see if the condenser air is intake properly. The condenser might be blocked, especially if there is a lot of dust or leaves falling on the outside.

Check the fins and make sure they are straightened. In case nothing works, it is time to call in for a professional air conditioning repair in Chattanooga, TN

  • Erratic Cooling

This is also considered as a fault. If the cooling is erratic or if you have diagnosed any other fault with the appliance, you can try cleaning the condenser as far as you can reach. In case that doesn’t help you fix the fault, look for air conditioning repair in Chattanooga, TN. It should not be a surprise if the units are blocked by one or other form of vegetation. The condenser is often installed over a concrete pad. The level should be same as the concrete sometimes break down and mess up with the level it is initially installed. This could affect the overall performance of your air conditioner.

Both evaporator and condensers are sealed units. This is the main reason why it is not advisable for amateurs to carry out the air conditioning repair in Chattanooga, TN on their own.  A dirty or blocked evaporator is the most common problem that can easily be fixed. However, before reaching any conclusion or setting your mind to get another air conditioning installation in Chattanooga, TN instead of fixing the one you already have, seek assistance from professionals.

If you have a regular servicing for air conditioner carried out by skilled professionals then these experiences are rare – except for when the weather conditions are extreme and there is a possibility for debris and vegetation to make space within the unit.

The evaporator unit is easy to clean but it is more effective and safe for long-term usage that you have a professional hired for this job as well. Even if you have a new air conditioning installation in Chattanooga, TN, always seek assistance form a professional to do the cleaning, fixing, and repairing for you. On the other hand, if the unit has broken down, make sure you call for professional help before making further damage to it. Just make sure you do some initial inspections before coming to any conclusion – like checking the fuse, breakers and thermostat – and then leave the machine alone until you have a professional to check it out.

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