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Air Conditioning Service in Cleveland, TN | The Do’s and Do Not’s

Air Conditioning Service in Cleveland TN   The Dos and Do Nots
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One sure fire way to help you push through the intense summer heat is the thought of your HVAC unit waiting for you at home. Utilizing an air conditioning service in Cleveland, TN has become extremely common now.  However, HVAC units are expensive for sure and in order to ensure that they keep running smoothly, you have to make sure that it is maintained properly.

If you are even a little careless with your device, you could be stuck with an HVAC unit that does not work. Life without air conditioning in peak summertime can get really difficult really fast. To save you the hassle of faulty air conditioning service in Cleveland, TN, here are a number of tips.

DO Make Sure Your HVAC Unit Is Clean

Cleanliness is something that clearly matters in all aspects of your life. The dirtier the air conditioner, the harder the system has to work to produce a steady stream of airflow. Make sure that the coils and filters of your HVAC unit are clean at all times. This way you will get the most efficient air conditioning service in Cleveland, TN. Furthermore, your system is less likely to break down if it is clean at all times.

DO Check the Thermostat

When investing in an air conditioning service in Cleveland, TN, make sure that you are investing in one with a quality thermostat. A properly functioning thermostat is important when it comes to your HVAC units functioning efficiently and a high-quality one will ensure that it does not break or malfunction in any way.

Furthermore, make sure to not leave your thermostat on the coolest setting. This is a mistake homeowners often make. Keeping the thermostat at a higher temperature makes sure that your system uses less energy. Keep the thermostat at a temperature that is sufficient for the cooling of your space. This way your HVAC unit will function efficiently and help you cut down on electricity bills.

DO Make Sure You Change the Filters Often

This is something that you can easily do on your own. Clean filters lead to a better quality of air flow. Changing your filters often will make sure that you have access to an efficient air conditioning service in Cleveland, TN. Replace the filters every few months and notice how efficiently your HVAC unit works throughout the year.

DO Maintain the Refrigerant Levels

An improper refrigerant will cause some serious damage to your compressor. The compressor of the AC unit is basically its heart. If refrigerant levels are not maintained properly, you could face some irreversible damage to your HVAC unit. In order to ensure that you don’t have invest in another air conditioning service in Cleveland, TN, be aware of the state of your refrigerant!

Contact a professional service if you feel like there is something wrong with this aspect of your HVAC units.

DO NOT Use an Extension Cord for Your HVAC Unit

Extension cords have most certainly made our lives easier. However, if you can, avoid using an extension cord to power your air conditioner. A longer cord drops the voltage and makes your system work harder than necessary to cool your home. Make sure that you have a socket nearby when you are investing in an air conditioning service in Cleveland, TN

DO NOT Place Too Many Objects Near The Vents

Make sure that the area near your vent is not overcrowded by plants, books or other electronics. Too much clutter near the vents disrupts the airflow and leads to inefficient cooling. The space surrounding your air conditioner should be clear of all such obstacles.

DO NOT Clog the Outside Unit

It is essential that insects, rodents and other pets are kept away from your HVAC units. Make sure no form of debris enters your system. If these things are present in your HVAC unit, they will block the airflow coming out of the vents and cause your system to work harder than ever before. This could cause some serious harm to your HVAC unit. To maximize comfort from your air conditioning service in Cleveland, TN make sure you are particular about the cleanliness of all sorts.

DO NOT Place Your Unit on Unstable Surfaces

While availing an air conditioning service in Cleveland, TN, one question that arises is that of the placement of the unit. Do not ever place your HVAC unit on materials such as wood or bricks. Make sure to invest in a stable mounting system for your air conditioner. This will make sure that your air conditioner stays safe from physical harm.

DO NOT Skip the Routine Maintenance

Your air conditioner needs to be checked by professional air conditioner experts to make sure that it has no problems. If you follow the dos and do not’s mentioned above, it is likely that these professionals will find next to nothing wrong with your air conditioners. However, there are always things that can be overlooked by you despite your vigilance.

Furthermore, a professional check-up is important because these technicians make sure to refill your refrigerant and deal with all other problems that you might face. For best results, get a professional check-up twice a year. If you are not willing to do that, make sure that these checkups happen on at least a yearly basis so that you are never left with a malfunctioning air conditioner in the middle of a really hot day.

For top-notch maintenance and repairs, Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air provides you with an efficient air conditioning service in Cleveland, TN. We are available for both your residential and commercial HVAC needs. Utilize the services of one of the leading HVAC experts in your area today. Contact us at (423) 616-1025 at any time of the day. Our employees are available 24/7 to assist you and provide you with our excellent services.

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