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5 Bathroom Trends in 2019 for Home Owners in Cleveland, TN

5 Bathroom Trends in 2019 for Home Owners   Plumbing Service in Cleveland TN
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Renovating the perfect bathroom in Cleveland, Tennessee, requires a vision and a budget. It also needs the perfect plumbing service in Cleveland, TN to convert this vision into a reality.

Most home owners find updating bathrooms a stressful task. And we don’t blame them for it certainly is! It requires a lot of calculation and preparedness. Deciding on the correct dimension and placement of gear is essential to avoid possible falls in the bathroom. This is in addition to the daunting task of choosing a style that remains aesthetic and functional for decades.

Luckily the trends in 2019 have added a layer of convenience and functionality to the bathrooms. Art is blending with science, reducing accidents, bills and improving waste reduction.

If you have been considering a complete bathroom makeover lately or require a quick replacement with a plumbing service in Cleveland, TN, incorporating these trends will have your bathroom upgraded to the year 2019.

1.  Wooden Sinks and Gold Trimmings

Wood is a fantastic building material. It brings a sense of warmth and homeliness to living spaces. Whether you live in a modest home or a luxurious 5 star housing, wood is durable and flexible to build any design to warm up the place.

Bathroom trends in 2019 are mimicking the wooden vintage vanities from pre world war era. The sinks are inbuilt into wooden vanity, where construction meets a vintage appeal. This elevates the elegance and contemporary feel of the bathroom.

Opt for wooden vanity designs where structure is accented by gold trimming. handles and linen hangers made of golden materials adds convenience and modern touch to the design.

Wooden sinks require excellent plumbing service in Cleveland, TN to avoid expanding oncontact with leaks and pipe damage. Have a reputable plumbing service in Cleveland, TN to install and periodically conduct preventive maintenance. This will have your new wooden sink working fantastically for years.

2.  Victorian Inspired Tubs

From vintage color schemes to Victorian inspired architecture, 2019 is all about exuding a grand feel in your bathroom. Elegant free standing tubs are making a comeback as a leading trend for bathrooms this year.

The minimalism trend is fast fading, being replaced by intricate and sophisticated design of Victorian time period. Reminiscent of grand hotels such as The Ritz, the free standing tubs reflect luxury and extravagance.

Standing out as a central focus of the room, design which replicate the comfort and extravagance of a spa are taking centre stage in bathrooms. From matte blues, marbled effect to porcelain white, the tubs are a regal and aesthetic addition in 2019.

Opt for refined and symmetrical shapes, accented by large exposed faucets.  They work well with most bathroom dimensions.

Free standing tubs require an immaculate installation, to avoid any leaks and clogged drain problems. To enjoy your new tub, make sure to hire the best plumbing service in Cleveland, TN.

3.  Drains That are Hidden

Starting out as an experimental design, the new trend of hidden drains has fast become a staple in the bathrooms this year. This is due to the pleasing aesthetics it brings to the bathrooms. Placed under marble or stone flooring, these prevent the sight of hair and debris sticking out like a sore thumb in drains.

These hidden drains however require a regular and timely plumbing service in Cleveland, TN to function at their optimum. You will want to ensure you have the services of the best in the industry to get the most benefit out of them.

4.  Ergonomic and Smart Faucets

Faucets are going green in functionality this year. Considering that an average American household consumes 2 gallons of tap water a minute, this can amount to great water wastage with traditional faucets.

New designs are ergonomic and focus on water conservation. Smart sensor based faucets are growing in popularity. These touch-free designs only release water upon sensing motion. As a result, they conserve water and reduce water bills. This means no more water wasted while brushing teeth.

The tones of Brass, Chrome, Nickel, Rose Gold and Matte Black are spreading like fever in 2019. The faucets with a non glossy and matte finish are a popular choice too this year.

Installation of new faucets by an inept plumber can create problems of air pockets and limit water flow. A solution is to hire seasoned technicians from a licensed plumbing service in Cleveland, TN. This will ensure your new faucets work smoothly for years.

5.  Exposed Showers

The year 2019 brings the pipes and plumbing to the forefront. The showers have an industrial looking body with exposed pipes. Most installations mimic the gothic or knob like design of the vintage era.

To get the best out of this trend, opt for the matte black or chrome varieties. These blend modern chic with old world charm perfectly together.

These showers require excellent plumbing service in Cleveland, TN to avoid leaks. Make sure to get services of the best in town to have them working efficiently.

Professional Installations: Increasing the Worth of Your Home

A perfect bathroom must blend style with functionality. In fact, a good bathroom renovation can increase the worth of your home. Often you may be pleased with the outcome, only to be disappointed by the poor installation.

Not only does it affect the functionality of the new bathroom, but adds to the nuisance of repair bills. Slight leaks and air pockets can end up as mold and burst pipes in future, negating the resale value of your home. A perfect installation by a skilled professional can hence maintain the value of your home.

At Metro Plumbing Heating Air, we offer a wide ranging installation and plumbing service in Cleveland, TN. Our licensed staff is skilled in preventive maintenance and excellent installations to give you the best satisfaction.

If you are planning on incorporating new trends into your bathroom, contact us today at 423-616-1025 for the finest in plumbing service in Cleveland, TN

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