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Airflow Issues That Can Lead To Heating And AC Repair Problems | Chattanooga, TN

Airflow Issues That Can Lead To Heating And AC Repair Problems   Chattanooga TN
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Problems with airflow in your HVAC system are among the main reasons for heating and AC repair issues. If your system is having a hard time keeping your home or business comfortable, you may have obstructed airflow. If the issue is not taken care of in a timely manner, it could lead to compressor failure.

To stay comfy in any weather and avoid expensive repairs or replacement costs, it’s crucial to make certain that your HVAC system’s airflow is unhampered. Metro Plumbing, Heating, and Air provides a full range of professional repair services from licensed, certified, and experienced technicians. We can help with airflow issues that can create the following problems:

  • There isn’t any air coming from your registers.
  • There are hot and cold areas inside your home.
  • There is hot air coming from your air conditioner.

Airflow problems can originate in any part of the heating and air conditioning unit. Here are some of the most common culprits for your HVAC airflow issues.

Filters Are Clogged

Changing the filter in your HVAC system is one of the simplest maintenance chores for homeowners. However, it is also the most easily forgotten ones. Your air filter is responsible for removing all the dust and debris from the air before it is pumped into the house. As time passes, it can become so dirty that it begins to restrict the amount of air that can pass through it. This not only affects your comfort level, it also compromises the indoor air quality.

The longer your dirty filter stays in your unit, the more stress it puts on your HVAC unit. Eventually, this added strain can lead to a breakdown of the compressor. When the compressor goes out, you will have to call for professional heating and AC repair services.

It is important that you change your filter according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Some filters should be changed out every three months, while others require monthly replacement. Other factors, including the number of pets inside, may create the need for more frequent changing of filters.

Vents & Registers Are Obstructed

This is one of the most common airflow problems experienced by homeowners. When there is an obstruction in your system’s registers or vents, you will not get the comfort level you desire from your HVAC unit.

One way to avoid this problem is to keep your system programmed in the same setting. Also, having your heating and AC repair professional schedule regular inspections of your system can help you keep the registers and vents clear.

Condenser Unit Is Obstructed

Part of your heating and air conditioning system is outdoors, where it is exposed to the elements. Unfortunately, this creates a problem with blockages from environmental issues. Leaves, dirt, trash, or snow can pile up around your condenser unit and block the airflow.

Obstructions around the condenser unit can cause it to overheat and lead to heating and AC repair or replacement costs that could’ve been prevented. To keep the airflow at a proper level, make sure the outside unit is free from dust, debris, and trash. Avoid planting near the condenser unit and keep the general area clear, so air can reach the unit.

Ducts Are Clogged

Your heating and air conditioning system relies on a system of ductwork to deliver the comfortable air to each portion of your house. While the filters do a lot to remove the dust and debris particles from the air, it can build up in the ducts. If the debris isn’t cleared out, it will continue to collect in the ducts. Eventually, this will lead to a complete blockage of a duct.

When the air can no longer flow through the ducts as it should, your home cannot receive the comfort you require. This will lead to problems like hot or cold areas in the house and an overall drop in HVAC performance. If you notice a decrease in efficiency, you should call your heating and AC repair professional in Chattanooga, TN before it becomes a major repair expense.

Condenser Coil Is Dirty

Your condenser coil is responsible for removing the heat from inside your home. This is a fundamental part of your air conditioner, and when the condenser coil gets dirty, your system’s airflow becomes seriously compromised.

When your coil becomes too covered in dirt and grime, it cannot pull the heat from the air. This causes your air conditioner to work much harder than normal. If the condenser coil remains covered in filth, the air conditioner can break down from the strain.

You should periodically check your outdoor condenser unit to ensure that your condenser coil is free from dirt and pollutants. If you think you might already have a problem with your condenser, you should call your heating and AC repair professional to check it out.

Ducts Are Leaking

Any heating and air conditioning system relies on a secure system of ductwork to deliver the relief you need. If any part of the system of ducts is compromised, it will affect how well your unit will work.

Leaking can occur anywhere the connection of your ducts is not tight. This leak will let the air escape before it gets where it is needed, reducing both comfort level and air pressure.

If you notice a change in your HVAC performance, contact your heating and AC repair tech for service. Leaks in your ductwork can keep your home from feeling warm or cool enough and raise your utility bills, as well.

Finding Professional Heating and AC Repair

Metro Plumbing, Heating, and Air offers residents of Chattanooga, TN a complete line of high-quality heating and AC repair services. Our qualified technicians have the experience and skill to get your HVAC unit up and running quickly, so you can relax and escape the temperatures outside.

Contact Metro Plumbing, Heating, and Air for more information about our repair services and schedule your appointment.

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