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Bathroom Fixture Gift Ideas (for Valentine’s Day)


Thinking about a unique Valentine’s Day gift for a loved one? Is the relationship beyond the expected candy and flowers? If so, you would be surprised what a little “out of the box” thinking can inspire. While Metro is not particularly known for gift ideas, we are a leader in plumbing and HVAC services – and know a few things about what home owners find attractive. This is especially true when it comes to plumbing and bathroom fixtures.

Low flow shower heads, modern faucets, vessel sinks and other unique kitchen and bathroom fixtures are popular additions in remodels, new builds and replacement installations. If you are looking for a unique token of affection this holiday, consider one of the popular home service fixtures on this list. Practical gifts like these are definitely not for everyone, but for the right homeowner these products are much more coveted than an expensive dinner or disposable trifle. Metro has put together a list of recommended items that are both unique and desirable.

Low Flow Shower Heads – Help them lower their utility bill and conserve water with a low flow shower head. There are a wide variety of designs with different comfort settings that offer the user the same experience as a traditional shower head. WaterSense certified products (EPA approved to help save water, energy and money) use the lowest amount of gallons per minute (gpm) and have high performance ratings. Look for their logo on the packaging when searching for the ideal product.

Modern Faucets – Faucet fixture designs have come a long way in the last 20 years. The modern homeowner has gravitated toward unique designs that offer both form and function – and manufacturers have risen to the occasion. Sleek ergonomic designs available in a variety of finishes, dimensions and price points can be found at most hardware and home improvement stores. There are also basic and classic designs that perform better than their previous iterations. For some people, there is nothing more attractive than a new faucet fixture.

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Vessel Sinks – In recent years designers of kitchen and bathroom fixtures have been playing with form; rethinking the shape and functionality of basic essentials. One design that has really taken off is the vessel sink. Available in hundreds of different iterations, a vessel sink is the deconstruction of the classic design. It’s  a combination of a typical sink bowl and an old world basin. Visually they are quite striking, giving the appearance of large ceramic or glass bowls sitting on the sink. You’ll find a wide array of styles, colors and sizes with price points from the reasonable (under $100) to the extreme ($1,000 +).

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Modern Bathtubs – A bathtub is obviously not a gift that you can give just anyone, but for the appropriate person it’s a bold, symbolic gesture of affection. Modern bathtubs are designed with both style and utility in mind – with many options starting in the low hundreds. Alcove, free standing, drop-in and walk-in tubs are the most common in modern homes. Comfort features such as whirlpool jets and tub heaters are becoming more standard – and affordable. The typical tub is made from acrylic (which is both durable and inexpensive), but different materials are being used more frequently including cast iron, enameled steel, fiberglass and copper. Could there be a special person in your life who might benefit from a bathtub? You might be surprised at how easy and affordable they have become. Check your favorite home improvement site for specifics.

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This Valentine’s Day, think practical and personal with a fixture for your favorite homeowner. Remember that Metro can help whenever you need installation, maintenance or repair on your bathroom fixtures. Call us today at 423-616-1025 or 706-516-1980 to schedule an appointment for help with that Valentine’s Day gift – or guidance on a design choice.

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