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Clogged Drains are Better Left to Expert Plumbers in Chattanooga, TN

Clogged Drains are Better Left to Expert Plumbers in Chattanooga TN

At least once in our lifetime, we all suffer through a flooded sink or even an overflowing tub. Of course, the reason is obvious – a blocked drain!

A clogged drain has always been a major and most frequent problem, faced by homeowners. As soon as we witness a clogged drain, the first thought that strikes us is to the get the best drain cleaner solution. Undoubtedly, this is an instant solution or a worthwhile expense, but this might not be the permanent solution for you.

The use of drain cleaner may not turn out to be a positive experience and there are many reasons for that. There are several conditions that leave us with no other option than to call for the professional plumber in Chattanooga, TN.

Indeed, a blocked drain system is an irksome problem. The trouble is not just limited to water gushing into your house but also involves an acrid smell. In extension to that, there is a heavy repair or replacement cost that must be incurred to permanently fix the issue.

To put it in simple words, a clogged drain is a mess that should better be left to professional drain cleaning service in Chattanooga, TN!

So if you want to save some bucks in the long run and avoid the hassle of frequent repairs by hiring a professional plumber in Chattanooga, TN then read on! In this article, we will discuss some preventive steps to avoid the clogged drain issue and protect your drain system from breaking down.

However, first, we must understand the following.

Drain Cleaning is not a DIY Project

The reason, many homeowners take up the task of drain cleaning, without calling a drain cleaning service in Chattanooga, TN is to save money. However, what they fail to realize is the fact that an inexperienced or improper attempt to fix the issue may further damage the drain system. In fact, it may lead to the complete replacement of your drain system.

In simple words, a layman has no professional experience or skill set, to fix the problem. They don’t usually possess the right tools, needed to restore the drain line. Hence, as you decide to fix the problem on your own, you take the risk of damaging it even more.

So how can you prevent a blocked drain issue?

Well, the best way to prevent the ordeal of a blocked drain system is to follow some measures. This will help you in keeping your drain line clean – at all times.

To assist you in this regard, here are the top recommendations by the expert plumbers in Chattanooga, TN.

Let’s discuss these measures in detail.

Don’t allow the food scraps to plummet your drain line

According to the plumbers in Chattanooga, TN, the major reason for a problematic drain line is the food scraps which easily go down the drain. These scrap particles block the drain passage. But if you use drain strainers, then you can avoid the occurrence of a blocked drain. A drain strainer effectively catches the food particles or residual. This will prevent the residual from entering the drain line, keeping your drain system clean in the long run.

Do not flush toilet papers in the drain line

It is the most frustrating situation that you may face in your home as well as your workplace. When people flush tissue paper it blocks the sewer line. This happens due to the thick material product. From toilet papers to various paper towels, many people are habitual of this practice. The flushing of toilet papers damages the sewer line and blocks the drain system completely.

The problem is not easily fixable and you may need the assistance of a professional drain cleaning service in Chattanooga, TN. So avoid this harmful practice and save the unnecessary replacement cost. This will help you in improving the functionality of your sewer system in the long run – as the plumbers in Chattanooga, TN suggest.

Use separate trash for oily and greasy food items

This must be surprising to you but that is true. Oil and grease are vicious products, which easily get stuck in the drain line. Since they are sticky in nature, they clog the drain line and help it in catching more food scraps with time. All these food particles, that would otherwise pass out the drain easily, may start sticking in the drain and clog it eventually.

That is why, the plumbers in Chattanooga, TN suggest disposing the greasy stuff in a separate trash, avoiding their contact with the drain system. However, if the damage is already done, then your best bet is to hire the expertise of the drain cleaning service in Chattanooga, TN.

Clean the drain line with boiling water

This is a frequent practice by many homeowners. They put boiling water in the drain line to ensure its cleanliness. This is a good practice and must be performed at least once a week. According to the plumbers in Chattanooga, TN, people who follow this practice, enjoys a clog-free drain system. Boiling water helps in removing the oil and grease, deposited in your drain line.

In addition, it also helps in getting rid of the obnoxious and acrid smell, which results from an unclean drain system. You may also use this practice to kill the bacteria or germs accumulated in the drain line. Therefore, avoid the frequent need for drain cleaning service in Chattanooga, TN by running down boiling water as one of your regular practices.

What should be done now?

If you are already facing a clogged drain line, avail the assistance of a well-reputed drain cleaning service in Chattanooga, TN right away. To get the best quality service, head over to Metro Plumbing Heating and Air.

Their team of professional plumbers is well-versed in dealing with the complex drain line issues. They hold extensive experience in their field. Also, if you need any assistance in an emergent situation, you can always contact them by calling their helpline number i.e. (423)-616-1025.

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