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Clogged Drains – Is Using Chemical Drain Cleaners a Reliable Solution? | Drain Cleaning Service in Cleveland, TN

Clogged Drains Is Using Chemical Drain Cleaners a Reliable Solution   Drain Cleaning Service in Cleveland TN
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Clogged drains have always been a major problem faced by homeowners. One of the first things that people reach out to in order to solve this problem are chemical drain cleaners. Instead of seeking help from a professional drain cleaning service in Cleveland, TN, people often rely on these handy, inexpensive chemicals.

The effectiveness of chemical drain cleaners can often be viewed on TV commercials. These commercials usually involve a pretty model using a toxic chemical to solve the problem of a clogged drain. Obviously, these commercials are really effective and can affect your decision at the mart. The result of this is that you end up buying a cheap, but ineffective and hazardous chemical. Unfortunately, in the long run, this apparently inexpensive drain cleaner can cost you much more than you realize.

Here are some of the reasons why using a chemical drain cleaner is not a reliable option to solve the issue of a clogged drain.

Hazards of Chemical Drain Cleaners

Impact on Health

The purpose of chemical drain cleaners is to dissolve the clog and clear up the pipe for adequate drainage. In a kitchen sink, this might mean dissolving a clog formed by detergent, food, and grease. In a shower drain, the clog can be due to hair, soap or shampoo. To dissolve whatever is in the drain, these drain cleaners use powerful acids that are designed to clear out clogged drains. Imagine the impact this can have on your health.

Chemical drain cleaners can cause severe burns and allergic skin reactions in case of contact. The synthetic chemicals, like sodium hydroxide, present in drain cleaners can release hazardous fumes when they go down the drain. If these chemicals come in contact with a person’s eyes, they can even cause a loss of vision.

When using drain cleaners, it is important to take safety measures to avoid the negative effects on your health. You can use latex gloves and glasses for protecting both your hands and eyes.

Effects on Plastic Pipes

Using a chemical drain cleaner can be dangerous for your pipes. Since most drain cleaners contain strong acids to dissolve the clog, they can damage the pipes as well. The chemical reactions through which a clog is dissolved is likely to corrode the pipes.

Most drain cleaners not only contain strong acids but also have caustic bases. They are particularly damaging to the rubber at the end of the pipes. A chemical drain cleaner which provides a cheap solution to clogged drain can eat away your pipes and this rubber on the end of the pipe and cost you a lot in the long run.

Damage to the Environment

The effect of a chemical drain cleaner on the environment can be long-lasting. It does not end in your drain, but instead, the toxic material flows down into the water system in the community. These synthetic chemicals can react in the water system and release hazardous fumes which can pollute the neighborhood and the community.

Some chemical drain cleaner companies claim that their products are biodegradable. It is believed that the enzymatic drain cleaners can dissolve as soon as they enter the water system. This way, the negative effects of chemical drain cleaners can be avoided. However, it’s not just the chemical cleaner that can pose environmental problems. The packaging of these products can also pose a threat to the environment. The packaging of chemical drain cleaners cannot be reused because they are usually contaminated with caustic chemicals.

Alternate Solution

Chemical drain cleaners might be suitable for clearing up a mild kitchen clog, but considering the hazards associated with it, it is always best to look for an alternate solution. If you are facing an issue of a clogged drain, it is ideal to contact a reliable drain cleaning service in Cleveland, TN. Here are some of the reasons why contacting a professional drain cleaning service in Cleveland, TN is the best option for you.

·     A Clogged Drain Is a Serious Plumbing Issue

A clogged drain is a serious plumbing emergency which needs professional assistance. It is not a DIY project. Attempts to solve this problem on your own can further aggravate the situation and worsen the clog. Using a professional drain cleaning service in Cleveland, TN can help you ensure that you get your drain cleared up right the first time of asking. This will reduce the chances of future drain clogs as well and will save unnecessary spending on chemical drain cleaners.

·     Different Pipes Are Designed Differently

It is important to know that there are many types of pipes in a house. They are all designed differently, and they all have a different drainage mechanism. A chemical drain cleaner tries to solve the problem of clogged drain without knowing the structure of the pipe. Strong chemicals can react with the pipes and rubbers and can be potentially dangerous, so it is a good idea to rely on a professional drain cleaning service in Cleveland, TN.

·     Professional Drain Cleaning Is Not Expensive

It is generally believed that seeking professional drain cleaning service in Cleveland, TN is an expensive affair. In reality, it is not as costly as believed. The key to solving the problem of a clogged drain is to identify the problem correctly. The plumbers of a professional drain cleaning service in Cleveland, TN use the right tools to identify the location and size of the clog. Once they identify the clog, it is easier to clear it up. Most drain cleaning service providers in Cleveland, TN charge a nominal fee for assessing and clearing up the clog.

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