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Common HVAC Problems

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Summer comes with ice cream, school vacation, and trips to the pool, but it also brings a severe heat that we beat back with our home air conditioners every day.  Even when it’s raining and slightly cooler, our air conditioners help fight the humidity that can build up and make things feel muggy and sticky.  But with the workout our systems get during the summer, lots of little things can stop working.  Here are the most common issues you’ll find as the summer continues.

Breaker Trips and Fuses

Inside your HVAC system there are a few fuses to protect the system from motor faults.  When the fuse blows, the motor or compressor will simply stop working.  Fortunately this is a simple repair but it does require you to know where to look and may call for a larger repair if the fuse keeps breaking.  The same is true for an HVAC unit that’s tripping the breaker in your home.

Dirty Air Filters

Dirt, hair, mold, and any other airborne particle will eventually find its way into your air filter (that’s what it’s there for after all).  Over time, these filters can get so clogged up that it impedes airflow to the point of hampering your unit’s operation.  Clean out the filter and you’ll restore full, clean air flow.  That is, unless it’s the ducts themselves that are dirty, but that’s a fairly rare occurrence.

Broken Thermostat

If your air conditioner refuses to turn on or doesn’t shut off when it should, there’s a chance that your thermostat is faulty.  It may simply need an adjustment to get it working properly, or it may need to be replaced if the unit is nonfunctional.  Fortunately, installing a new thermostat is a simple repair when you know how to replace them.  You’ll need to make sure that your thermostat is compatible with your HVAC unit, so if you aren’t certain, consult a professional.

Leaking Water

Often the condensate drain line has become clogged.  This line takes water that builds up on the surface of the unit and pipes it outside the home.  When the line becomes clogged with dirt or debris it backs up and water flows into the drain pan before leaking out.  Clearing the condensate line with a wet/dry vac or a condensate line cleaner will fix the problem.

Heat Exchangers

Here’s where you’re guaranteed to need a certified technician.  The compressor, the heart of the air conditioner, can break down as it ages.  The compressor is a powerful motor that compresses the refrigerant flowing through the lines.  This compression allows it absorb and release heat, allowing it to act as a heat exchanger within the system.  When the compressor breaks down it can be repaired sometimes but often must be replaced.  Proper maintenance and cleaning of both your condenser coils (the fins housed outside that release heat to the outdoors) and the evaporator coils (the cooling fins inside your home near your HVAC unit) will help to prolong the life of your compressor.  When ice, dirt, or other debris clogs up the movement of airflow over either the condenser or evaporator coil it forces the compressor to work much harder, reducing its lifespan.

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