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Different Types Of Drain Cleaning Service | Chattanooga, TN

Different Types Of Drain Cleaning Service   Chattanooga TN
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You notice that the water is not draining as well as it should and then one day it just stops draining completely. You know your drainage pipe has a clog but you are unsure of what caused this blockage. Drains can be blocked by various things from grease and grim to tree roots. There are different drink cleaning services that will work more efficiently than others for your type of blockage. It is difficult to know what type of blockage you have if you are not a professional plumber. It is always best to hire a professional company like Metro Plumbing, Heating, and Air to assist you with the drain cleaning services that you may need.

Pipe inspection

First, the plumber needs to inspect the pipes to know exactly what is causing the blockage. It is also important for your drain cleaning service provider to evaluate the condition of the pipes before deciding on the drain cleaning method. Some methods are not recommended when the pipes are old or damaged. It can be difficult to access hidden pipes, therefore, drain cleaning service providers use a small camera and LED light attached to a fiber optic cable to inspect the pipes. The camera is placed in the drain and sent down until it comes across the blockage. The camera provides a video feed to a monitor and the plumber can determine where the blockage is and what is causing it. Now that the location and blockage type has been determined the plumber can choose which of the following drain cleaning services would be the most suitable.

Chemical drain cleaner

Chemical drain cleaners are often used by homeowners when they want to remove a blockage themselves rather than hire a professional drain cleaning service provider. These chemicals can be effective for minor blockages but sometimes it has to be used more than once to remove the blockage completely. There are different types of chemical drain cleaners like caustic, oxidizing, and acid drain cleaners. Each of these types of drain cleaners has different chemicals that react to organic waste and help remove the blockage. Most cleaning service providers don’t use these chemicals as they are less effective than other methods and they are more harmful. If these chemical drain cleaners are not used correctly then they can be harmful to people and your pipes. Plumbers prefer to use the following methods depending on what is causing the blockage.

Hydro jetting

This method of drain cleaning involves using hot pressurized water to remove blockages. The drain cleaning service provider will attach a small and powerful nozzle to a hose and place it into the drainage pipe. The nozzle allows a stream of high pressure water to enter your pipes. The force that the water produces is an effective way to remove blockages like food, hair, and grease. This method is also used for more challenging blockages like tree roots or mineral build-up. The pipes can be cleaned completely which allows your drains to stay clog-free for longer. The chance of your pipes being damaged by this type of drain cleaning is slim when it is done by a professional.

Pressurized air

This method of removing a blockage can be highly effective if the blockage is caused by various small it’s rather than one large item. The drain cleaning service provider will use an air compressor to pressurize a gas like carbon dioxide to dislodge a clog. If there is any standing water it must be removed first before the wand can be placed inside the pipe. Once the wand has been placed inside of the pipe and pushed down as far as it can go, it should be secured with old cloths. This will keep the wand in place and prevent any air from escaping. The plumber will then turn on the air compressor and high pressured air will disintegrate the blockage. The plumbers at Metro Plumbing, Heating, and Air in Chattanooga, TN know that it is important to deliver quality drain cleaning services and they will repeat this method multiple times until the blockage has been removed successfully.

Drain snake

The drain snake is another common method used for drain cleaning. A drain snake is a long flexible tool with a corkscrew attached to the one end. On the other end, there is a hand crank that allows the plumber to extend the cable until it reaches the blockage. Once the drain snake has reached the clog, it is pushed into the clog and turned which disintegrates the clog. This can take quite a bit of effort and time especially if it is a stubborn blockage. This method is very effective in removing plant materials that have made their way into the pipes. The blockage can be flushed down the drain or it can stay attached to the drain snake. The plumber will open the facet completely and let the water drain to determine whether the blockage has been removed successfully.

There are various methods that can be used to remove a clog and it is vital to hire a professional drain cleaning service provider to determine which method is the most effective. They are also able to inspect your pipes and there might be other problems that you didn’t know about. Metro Plumbing, Heating, and Air in Chattanooga, TN provides excellent drain cleaning and they will be able to assist with any other plumbing-related problems that could be discovered while unclogging a drain so you don’t have to struggle to find another plumber to assist you. Call them today to book your appointment and ensure that your pipes are squeaky clean and blockage free.

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