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Do You Need Home Repiping Services?

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Repiping your home is a significant undertaking that involves time, effort, and cost. However, understanding the factors involved and the indicators that suggest the need for repiping can help you make informed decisions while minimizing inconvenience.

What Does Home Repiping Involve?

Repiping entails replacing all the pipes in your home, which often requires removing sheetrock walls. During the process, the water supply must be temporarily shut off, but responsible plumbers ensure water is turned back on when active work isn’t taking place.

Signs You Might Need Repiping

Consider these signs that might indicate your home requires repiping:

  1. Consistently low water pressure compared to before.
  2. Unfit drinking water due to rust or debris buildup.
  3. Rapid shifts in water temperature when using other fixtures.
  4. Presence of galvanized water pipes that are prone to rust.
  5. Leaks in your copper pipes.
  6. Non-compliance with proper building codes during installation.

Duration of Repiping

The duration of repiping varies based on home size and materials. Smaller homes, like a 2-bath residence, can be completed in a single day. Larger homes will take longer, and expect an additional few days for sheet rock repairs and city inspections.

Why Choose a Professional Plumbing Company?

Repiping is an extensive task. While your regular plumber may be adept at handling routine plumbing issues, entrusting a non-specialist with a complete home repipe could lead to setbacks and complications. When considering repiping, it’s best to rely on a dedicated plumbing company. Professional plumbing companies are equipped with the necessary permits for repiping projects.

Ready for Home Repiping in Chattanooga?

If you’re considering repiping your Chattanooga home, contact the experts at Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air. Call us at (423) 855-0967 to ensure a smooth and hassle-free repiping process.

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