Don’t Hire an Unprofessional Service! | Heating and AC Repair in Cleveland, GA

Don’t Hire an Unprofessional Service Heating and AC Repair in Cleveland GA

When it comes to heating and air conditioning repair in Cleveland, GA, hiring an unprofessional service is possibly the worst idea to go for. These are the services that demand the hand of an expert. Yet people opt for inexperienced services so they could save that little bit of money. Ironically, they end up spending more since such fraudulent services scam them.

These scams don’t stop here. In addition to faulty repairs, these services offer installation of poor quality parts. Furthermore, they claim of offering free value-added services, where in reality they are charging hidden prices for their work. The result you ask? Your furnace stops working right in the middle of the night leaving you abandoned in those cold winters.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to be scammed by amateur workers. But how do you find out you are being a victim? Well, we have jotted down some of the most common scams that unprofessional workers go for while faking a professional heating and air conditioning repair in Cleveland, GA.

False Identifications

When we talk about the gas in your air conditioner, we are referring to the refrigerant. This is a key component in an air conditioner. It lets the appliance blow cold air. However, often the ducts containing the gas tends to leak. With little or no gas, the unit’s coils freeze, deteriorating the performance of your air conditioner.

Now here’s the scam. An unprofessional heating and air conditioning repair in Cleveland, GA will only tell you that the gas has leaked and your AC only requires a simple refill. This will let them sell you the refrigerant gas that they have and fill it in your AC — a job that pays well and requires lesser time and effort. However, they will not tell you that the main reason for the leak for the damage in the duct. The result is that no matter how many times you fill the refrigerant gas into your air conditioner, it will keep leaking, making you prone to frequent repairs.

Unnecessary Replacements

One of the most common frauds that these workers try to commit is making you think that a certain part of your air conditioner or furnace requires repair or replacement, when it actually doesn’t. This mostly happens because people tend to blindly trust these amateur workers leaving them alone while they work. What happens is that they find a temporary solution to the problem making you think that the problem is fixed, only to find you reaching out to them for the same exact problem.

In most cases, it is the filter of the air conditioner that causes the problem. It hinders in the proper flow of air in and out, consequently hindering the ability of your air conditioner to perform well. Now a professional person offering heating and air conditioning repair in Cleveland, GA will simply fix the filter and get the home appliance running again. However, an unprofessional will unnecessarily force and convince you that a certain part needs replacement. This is because the replacement will cost you more, increasing their profit. This type of scam is very common in Cleveland and you need to keep an eye out for it while rooting for a heating and air conditioning repair in Cleveland, GA.

The Flame Sensor

Just like air conditioners, furnaces also have their own problems. There is a long list of parts that can easily malfunction. Due to the complications involved, it is always suggested to hire an expert electrician who has experience in heating and air conditioning repair in Cleveland, GA. Yet, many people become a victim to fraudulent services.

Among the common problems is one where the furnace’s flame goes out quickly. There are two main reasons why this normally happens. One is when the pilot is not being able to ignite properly. The second is when there is dirt on the flame sensor. Now in case of the latter, fraudulent repairmen often go on to tell their clients that there is a major fault in the furnace where all that needs to be done is to remove dust from the flame sensor. This will, of course, cost you more. Another common scam these unprofessional workers pull in order to get done with their work is to tell you that the fault lies in the flame sensor when the actual problem is with the pilot.

Additional Repairs

This is certainly one of the most common scams when it comes to heating and air conditioning repair in Cleveland, GA. Amateur workers turn to fraudulent activities to compete with the professionals of the industry. They make use of the pushy tactics to convince you that there are more repairs rewired in your air conditioner or furnace when there aren’t! for instance, if there is a thermostat that can easily be fixed, they will convince you to replace the entire thermostat.

Same is the case with furnaces. The problem may only lie in the pilot, but they will convince you that the flame sensor, pipes, or duct also have a major issue that needs to be addressed. Bear in mind that this is only so they could get their hands on a major part of your paycheck. Not only will they trick you into thinking that an additional repair is required, but they will actually force you to get them, despite you not wanting them. It wouldn’t have been that big of a problem if these people would have done a heating and air conditioning repair in Cleveland, GA that actually improves the performance of your appliance.

They offer such poor-quality work that you eventually have to get things retouched from an expert professional offering heating and air conditioning repair in Cleveland, GA. This is because the fraudulent service providers often replace your perfectly working original parts of the appliance with poor-quality ones—another scam that you need to be wary of.

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