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Don’t Let a Leak Deteriorate Your Home

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3 Ways to Detect a Water Leak in Your Home

Different areas in your house can experience water leaks due to many reasons.

Does this mean you can stop that leaks yourself without professional help? Not likely some of the time. But you can make dramatic change to your water bill by detecting the leaks early using these tips.

Use Water Meter Detection Method

Understanding your water meter and its functioning is important to determine the location of the leak or at least have an idea about where the leak is likely to be present. The indicator on the water meter that looks like a triangle is the place where you should look first. You can get the immediate sense of whether or not the leak is present by just looking at this indicator.

If the reading is showing a change or the indicator is moving even after every faucet and water source is shutoff, there is certainly a leak. To make sure whether the leak is inside or outside the house, first shutoff the main water valve. If the indicator signals a change, water leak is present inside the house. If there is no change, water leak is anywhere between the house and outside or outside.

Toilet Leaks

Most homes experience toilet leakage at some point. This is easy to detect as well. Just lift the toilet tank lid and observe for any water dripping when the level of the valve in high. If the toilet is flushing itself or the dye tab attached to the lid is producing colored water, there is a leak. When this happens, seek professional help as soon as possible.

Faucet Leaks

Another type of water leak can be detected through faucets. Faucets are notorious for wasting water. A worn-out or broken rubber washer around the faucet can cause water to drip into the surrounding area. Even the pipe underneath the sink can fail. When you suspect a leak in faucets, call a plumber. The plumber will either replace the washer or find a solution to block the leakage.

It might also be worthwhile to investigate some of the other areas of the house that might be susceptible to water leakage. For example, your backyard or front yard tap may be dripping at the point where the hose is connected. The goal is to prevent water leaks and make your life comfortable. Because too much water gone unnoticed will destroy your budget as well as environment.

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