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Proper Garbage Disposal Use For A Happy Holiday

After Thanksgiving, most Chattanooga kitchens sit piled with dishes waiting to be cleaned and put away for another day. Without careful maintenance and good judgement, this could be a prime moment to suffer a complete plumbing disaster if your garbage disposal decides to go on the fritz.

Due to the national holiday, it’s impossible to get a plumber on Thanksgiving which means you could be stuck with a stinky mess in your disposal until the following week! Thankfully, there are a few key things to remember that will make your holiday clean up go smoothly so you can enjoy a feast and time with family without a care.

Only Biodegradable Food Goes In A Disposal

A garbage disposal is not a trash can, it can only handle certain types of items and they must be biodegradable. No bones, glass, metal or even paper should ever be placed in your disposal. If the disposal is unable to break down certain things, they could jam the grinding mechanism or clog the drain. These items will surly spell disaster if they enter your disposal for any reason.

Certain Types Of Foods Are Not OK

Water absorbent foods such as pasta, rice, or other dried foods that require boiling are not recommended for garbage disposals. These products will continue to expand as water goes into the disposal causing them to become sticky as they release starch. They can cause a clog in the drain of the disposal as well as a clog in your plumbing.

Don’t Overfill The Disposal

Although disposals have powerful motors, they can become bogged down if too much food or large pieces are in them. Make sure to drop food in the disposal that is in small pieces and only in small batches. Keep the water running to aid in the grinding and flushing process.

Proper Maintenance Is Key

Daily maintenance will help keep your disposal in proper working order. Simply make sure to flush hot, soapy water down your disposal daily to help break up any grease or other substances that have accumulated.

Things To Do To Keep Your Disposal Running Like New

Make sure you regularly run the disposal. Regular use will help prevent the build up of rust, corrosion, and obstructions from accumulating. Always use cold water while running the disposal because it will help keep grease or oils in a solid form so they can be chopped up before reaching the trap. On occasion, toss ice into your disposal and let it run, the ice will help keep the blades nice and sharp.

These few tips can help ensure that your Thanksgiving runs smoothly and is not marred by any nasty Chattanooga garbage disposal mishaps.

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