Don’t Skip Annual Drain Cleaning

Benefits of Annual Drain Cleaning

Owning a home is the American dream. Your home is there to give you shelter, create memories with your families, and to provide comfort after a long hard day. All that can be compromised by improper, inefficient drainage.
Your home is the one place you can relax and be yourself. Your home will require regular maintenance to ensure it operates properly without worry. Some of the maintenance required is annual checks to the furnace and air conditioning systems. Another important maintenance check is to check the pipes and have them cleaned annually.

What are the risks if your drains are not cleaned annually?

Not have your drains cleaned on a regular basis could lead to more serious problems. For instance, a clog could get impacted into the pipe, causing a back up in the sink. If you don’t have your toilet pipes cleaned regularly, the sediment and build up could lead to the corrosion of the pipes, causing a major leak. If your pipes are corroded, they will require new pipes to be installed.

What are the benefits of having professionals clean your drains annually?

The benefits of having your homes pipes professionally cleaned every year is endless. This will help ensure your pipes are free of dirt and build up that could cause your pipes to burst. This will also ensure you will be able to repair any small leaks starting to form. When the technician is cleaning the pipes, they will replace anything that is need of repair with your consent.

How much does an annual drain cleaning cost?

The cost to clean your drains annually varies. Several different factors are added into the cost. First factor is what type of drains and how many you want cleaned. The cost could increase if you were wanting them to clean the sewer piping.
Another factor that could determine the cost is if there is any damage that needs to have immediate repair. It also depends on what day of the week it is done and if it is on an emergency basis. Also, most companies have a flat rate for the technician coming to your home. This flat rate could vary with the company you choose.

Every Chattanooga homeowner could benefit from annual drain cleaning. Contact the pros of Metro Sewer and Plumbing at (423) 855-0967 to get it done!