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Drain Cleaning 101 – Here’s What You Should Know | Drain Cleaning in Cleveland, TN

Drain Cleaning 101 Heres What You Should Know   Drain Cleaning in Cleveland TN
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Does the water in your sink take forever to drain? Do you notice water standing in the washing machine or dishwasher in your home? If so, there are high chances your home’s drainage system has a problem. This requires hiring a professional plumber who can confirm the issue and resolve it through an effective drain cleaning service in Cleveland, TN.

It is usual for the occupants to mistakenly or intentionally hurl things down the drain that are not safe for it and result in clogging. This is especially true in case of family units with children, as they are more likely to drop toys and other bits down the drain.

Remember that things that are greasy, such as oil, soap remnants, toys, other solids, and hair, don’t get dissolved or washed out when they go into the drain. They stay and clog the drain by either swelling up further or blocking the passage of water and other waste materials coming in.

Though unusual, plant roots often also make it into the drain, particularly during summer and spring seasons as they allow for growth and regrowth.

Regardless of what it is that goes into the drain in your home and clogs it, you can’t keep yourself from hiring a professional for drain cleaning service in Cleveland, TN because these problems worsen with time. The sooner you hire someone and get it fixed, the likelier you are to spend less and get the issue resolved without much hassle. Timeliness is the key here.

Quick Ideas to Fix the Drain

DIY remedies are tempting, but they barely work in the right manner when it is about complex things like the drains in your home. A common misconception about conducting drain cleaning service in Cleveland, TN, is that you can use harsh chemicals available on the market to treat clogs and other similar issues. In all truth, that is the worst thing you can do.

We understand it is hard to resist undertaking a unique chore to later be appreciated by the family for saving some bucks and resolving a problem that is causing discomfort to all. However, you must resist the urge when it comes to using strong drain cleaning chemicals.

This is because using strong chemicals or products with strong chemicals can result in even worse problems over time, such as corrosion or rusting. These chemicals are too strong for the drain’s inner coating and end up damaging it, ultimately causing the pipes to rust.

As a homeowner, damaged pipes are the last thing you would want to face because they often require a hefty investment to be fixed. The resolution mostly involves the replacement of a few pipes or the entire plumbing network. Not to mention the discomfort and inconvenience that it can cause with all the time that is needed to fix such a problem.

If you have no choice but to go for a DIY technique, try to use plungers or drains snakes to yank the clogs out of your drains. Nonetheless, the results are not guaranteed, and you might need to eventually call a professional for drain cleaning service in Cleveland, TN. This is more likely when the clog is too big or stubborn.

Reasons You Should Never Use Liquid Drain Cleaners

The professionals for drain cleaning service in Cleveland, TN confirm that most ‘major’ drain problems that they get called for are caused by strong chemicals that are used in the hope of cleaning the drain quickly.

Today, there are liquid cleaners in the market for almost every household problem. From drain cleaners to harsh liquid soaps and detergents, there is a wide variety of products that homeowners fall for. Little do they know that they will only cause more damage; if not instantly, then surely in the long run.

If you are still not convinced, here are some important reasons you should not use strong chemicals for drain cleaning service in Cleveland, TN and elsewhere.

1.   Liquid Drain Cleaners Are Toxic and Harmful

The chemicals that are used to make liquid drain cleaners are extremely strong, and for all the obvious reasons. Companies want to make customers believe that their product works and does wonders.

However, that is not true.

In reality, these chemicals are highly toxic and yield fumes that are not safe to inhale. They can sting and even result in allergies and an itchy nose. Likewise, these products are stronger than what your drain and pipes can tolerate, thus causing damage in the long run.

2.   Chemicals for Drain Cleaning Service in Cleveland, TN Damage Plumbing Pipes

Of course, because of being toxic and stronger than needed, liquid drain cleaners available on the market end up causing damage to pipes in the plumbing network. The core ingredient in these products is hydrochloric acid, and long exposure to this can lead to troubling pipes as well as damages to your expensive kitchen and bathroom finishing.

3.   Drain Cleaners Are Not Safe for the Environment

Apart from the damages to your health, property, and assets, and the losses associated with the use of chemicals for drain cleaning service in Cleveland, TN, these chemicals are harmful to the environment, too.

Both the residue and plastic bottles/bags end up in the junkyard, ultimately entering freshwater streams or oceans where they harm the fish and other wildlife.

4.   There is No Guarantee That They Will Work

Of course, no chemicals come with guarantees, and the same is the case with liquid drain cleaners. Drain cleaners that you buy from the market may completely fail or simply do what they are not bought for; like causing damage to your pipes and exposing you to health risks.

This means greater risk and a likelihood of huge losses in the form of expenditure for repairs that you actually want to avert with the use of these cleaners.

What’s more? There is no guarantee or warranty regardless of the degree of damage these products cause.


If you are not someone who wants to risk their beautifully furnished house and the assets within, it is better to avoid DIY remedies and hire a professional for drain cleaning service in Cleveland, TN like those at Metro Plumbing.


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