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Draining the Waste Water: What You Should Know About Septic Tank Repair | Cleveland, TN

Draining the Waste Water What You Should Know About Septic Tank Repair   Cleveland TN
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Residents in Cleveland, TN should be familiar with the need for septic tank repair service and why it’s needed. The need for septic tank repair is a constant issue for Cleveland, TN homeowners, and the services offered by Metro Plumbing are many and wide. So whether you’re needing septic drain field service or septic tank plumbing repair service, the professionals at Metro Plumbing can provide you the best in top rate quality.

A septic tank is an underground system that’s designed specifically for the passage of dirty water right out of your home. Once you use it, it should travel down the drains and into the septic tank so that it can leave your home immediately for treatment. Keeping your home free from waste is an absolute necessity, and enjoying the benefits of clean water is a need rather than a luxury.

Septic drain field service is the type of service that’s needed for your waste water needs. The drain field is the system that’s responsible for the transportation of water into the sewers for cleaning, and without it, your waste water might not make it out of the house.

A good, working septic system is just like any other in that it needs routine maintenance and upkeep in order to keep pumping. Yet what many homeowners may fail to realize is just how often this type of work is sorely needed to keep that tank up and running like a fine-tuned engine. Septic tank repair service is needed anywhere from one to three years as a cautionary measure to keep the grime and build up at bay.

The way that waste water is stored in a septic tank system is different than, say, your water heater. Whereas your water heater only stores cold water to be heated for use, your septic tank stores it in three distinct varieties: water that contains grease, oil, or soap scum, water that’s declared to be in the “clear zone,” or free of any dirt or particles, and the sludgy variety, which is the type of water that contains solid waste and settles into the bottom of the tank.

You should also be aware that solid items may serve to disrupt your septic system and lead to an eventual breakdown that warrants expensive septic tank repair service. These items are non-biodegradable and should be placed in a garbage can rather than go down the toilet. Cat litter, tampons, and wipes that are falsely declared as “flushable” should never be allowed to get flushed down the toilet. A good rule of thumb is that unless it’s solid waste or toilet paper, don’t flush it.

However, it is the water that is on the first layer that is of the utmost concern for plumbers, as grease, fat, oils, and soap scum will not be water soluble without the aid of some type of chemical to break up the compound. Unfortunately, these chemicals can be harmful and are generally not recommended to treat such substances.

To prevent the high cost of septic tank repair service in this instance, it is strongly advised that homeowners use certain prevention measures. Having a grease trap installed is one solution, but may not be foolproof due to the fact that some may escape into the drains very quickly. Therefore, draining the grease from your dishes prior to washing them is a far better method of prevention.

When your septic drain field is clogged, your entire plumbing system has a curious way of letting you, the homeowner, know right away. You may notice a few familiar signs, such as gurgling noises that percolate from the drain of your toilet or other plumbing fixture around your home. When this happens, the water may bubble to the surface as it tries to drain out through your pipes and onto your septic system for an eventual transport into the sewers for treatment.

When you find massive amounts of water pooled up in your yard, then the odds are great that you might have a clog within your septic drain field, which can be fixed as part of septic tank repair service. Anytime you see this type of water coming up when no rain has fallen, then it should be clear that your septic drain is in need of cleaning as soon as possible.

Something as simple as looking at a patch of grass may have something to tell you about your septic drain field. In fact, the water and the waste that comes up may be the cause of why your grass is so much greener in one area than it is in the rest of your yard. Since grass and other vegetation typically rely on mulch and water to nourish and grow properly, it should become common knowledge that the septic drain field has not been able to transport the waste water from your home as needed.

Lower level floors should remain dry at all times with no chance of water coming up through them. Yet when it does, this may be a sign of trouble which lurks somewhere within your septic system. When the water seeps right through any lower level floor drain, especially in the basement, it should indicate that your septic system needs to be inspected and treated right away for a blockage, as this indicates a sure sign of serious trouble that cannot be ignored at this stage.

Another red flag that needs immediate attention is the sudden and inexplicable appearance of a shiny, dark slime anywhere near the septic field or tank. This could be solid waste that has failed to drain properly due to a stopped up septic system. Unfortunately, this is not something that can be ignored at all, and warrants a phone call for emergency septic tank repair service as soon as possible.

Any of the above should never be ignored, nor be allowed to continue until disaster strikes. When solid waste seeps up from your septic system, this can be an actual emergency. Long-term exposure proves to be a serious health risk that leads to all types of problems and disease. Getting septic tank repair service then must be done immediately and without hesitation.

One of the worst mistakes you can make in your Cleveland, TN home is to continually flush the toilet when the water fails to drain. When you find yourself doing this more often than you ever have, your septic system may be in trouble and in need of attention. Intervention will be necessary to clear the goo out of your septic tank so that you may be able to enjoy good, quality plumbing once again. Clean drinking water is indeed something that should be treasured and enjoyed, but may not be possible when living with a dirty septic tank.

The most expensive part of septic tank repair service involves the septic drain field, which is rather expansive and very difficult to diagnose. When that part of your system fails, you may have a long mess to deal with. In fact, the septic field is connected to your septic tank, and both act in tandem to rid your home of all murky waste water.

Sludge or solid waste that settles into the bottom of the septic tank can cause significant blockage that interferes greatly with its overall functioning. Tree roots or other vegetation that shoot up through the pump or any other part of the system may disrupt operations and can stop the water from flowing properly out of your home.

There are some root causes for septic tank or septic system failure, most of which typically lie within the infrastructure of your home’s plumbing system. For example, some of your problems can be traced to a clogged pipe in need of attention, or can be an issue with the inlet baffle being blocked for any reason. Either way, it becomes highly critical to address these issues right away, as failure to do so can cause other serious problems down the road.

An outlet baffle that is clogged or blocked for any reason is something that should be checked when doing routine septic tank repair service. In fact, a blockage of this kind can present its own challenges, which lie within a dirty filter. When massive amounts of water strike this filter at a rapid speed, the filter itself becomes distressed and in need of a good cleaning. Sometimes, the plumber may need to pump out the tank in an effort to locate what may be blocking your water flow before doing so.

Keep in mind that a malfunctioning septic system can be a disaster for all involved. In fact, any septic tank that’s filthy or clogged can pose a health hazard as well as a major headache for homeowners everywhere, which is all the more reason to have routine septic tank repair service done annually.

Any body of water that’s within the vicinity of your septic tank benefits well when things are running smoothly and in good working order. In fact, local pools, your neighbor’s yard, and beds that breed edible shellfish all benefit from your septic tank being cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, and this should be plenty of reason for you to get routine septic tank repair service done on schedule.

Being proactive about your water use is another excellent measure in keeping your septic system safe and functional. Have everyone in your household aware of how much water is used on a daily basis. Small steps such as monitoring the amount of time you spend in the shower can make a huge difference in how your septic tank gets water in and out of your home. For example, if you typically spend an average of thirty minutes taking a shower every day, reducing it by half to about fifteen minutes may be enough to make your septic system last for years.

Even though they can be very effective at grinding up solid food into tiny bits, there are times when whole particles can escape from your garbage disposal and into the pipes, which can then eventually settle into the septic system. Unfortunately, this can be a breeding ground for other major problems that lead to septic tank failure and the need for possible emergency septic tank repair without warning.

Food and other solid waste has an ugly habit of clogging up your entire septic system in no time, and the need for septic tank repair then becomes stronger than ever. Thinking of the massive expense and the mess it may cause in your Cleveland, TN home can be a daunting experience to face, but is nonetheless a worthy investment towards a better system.

A persistent stinky odor that invades your home can be a signal that your septic system is in deep trouble. It may, in fact, indicate that there are gases leaking out of your tank that should be addressed. A methane-like odor that continues can be both annoying and disgusting, and having your plumber inspect the system for any leaks should be included as part of septic tank repair service.

Neglecting septic tank repair should never be an option, as doing so only leads to other issues that are easily avoidable. Good, clean drinking water is the result of fine plumbing and a clean septic tank that remains unobstructed. Having well installed waste water lines can ensure the smooth transition of your waste water right out of your plumbing system to make room for a fresh batch. Having your tank checked for holes or punctures should be included as a part of routine septic tank repair service.

Draining the waste water does not have to be draining in and of itself. Calling a professional plumber is always the solution, and that person has the knowledge and expertise to ease your woes immediately. Simply call or visit online and someone should be able to answer your questions about septic tank repair service right away. Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air today!

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