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Take Care of Your Pump Before the Rains Come

When the water’s rising here in the Cleveland, TN area, your sump pump may be the only thing between you and a flooded basement. In some areas, there are multiple possible causes for a high water table, so it’s important to check your pump out, clean the sump and filters, and make sure it’s working properly — and not when storm clouds are gathering on the horizon! Still, if your basement starts flooding and your pump isn’t pumping, we’re ready for your emergency sump pump services call, day or night. But let’s talk about preparedness.

You Don’t Have to Live in a Swamp to Need a Sump Pump

When the level of water in the ground your house occupies gets too high, it can push water in through your foundation. This may not happen very often, but when it does, you’ll be glad that you have a properly installed and working sump pump to remove any intruding groundwater. Sump pump services can keep you ready: even if you haven’t had any problems in a while, all it takes is two storms back-to-back to saturate the ground and then add water that the ground can’t absorb. Then, the water table pressure is likely to find your basement as a way to reduce that saturation by filling your sump, then your basement.

Hidden Sump Pumps

It’s possible that your home has a sump pump that you never noticed. Clever basement finishing professionals have been known to place them behind the drywall that they installed, even adding additional sump pumps to ensure that the rug and furniture stay dry. This is an attractive solution but may have prevented you from maintaining the pump and checking its function. If you are concerned that you don’t have a sump pump and may need one, your sump pump services technician can check for hidden pumps and tell-tale expelling pipes.

Water Level Detectors

As a standalone alarm or part of a smart home or security system, water level detectors are a great idea for catching any basement water problems while they’re just beginning. This can also help detect heating system water leaks and hot water heater failure, even washing machine disasters. Place one near your sump pump for ongoing protection, and consider placing others where there might be trouble. Along with regular maintenance sump pump services, this can help you avoid expensive water damage, especially in finished basements.

New Sump Pump Installation

If your property in the Cleveland, TN area is having basement flooding problems and doesn’t seem to have a pump, our sump pump services team can provide a new sump pump to protect your space from water damage, mold growth, and other concerns. We can construct a new sump pump pit if needed, cutting through the concrete to provide access to the ground below and running relief piping outside and away from your foundation. For homes which may need a second pump, we can do that as well.

Sump Pump Replacement

Our sump pump services for units that are not working or are pumping insufficiently include diagnosing the problem and replacing the pump if necessary, whether it is a pedestal style located above the sump, a submersible in the sump. We can provide either float-based or submersible pumps as appropriate for your home, and evaluate your pump volume needs to make sure we’re installing the right one for your specific situation.

Relocating Sump Pump Water Outlets

Are you occasionally surprised, probably during wet weather, with a sudden outpouring of water from a pipe that terminates in your yard? It only makes sense that the water from your sump pump has to be pushed out some distance from your foundation. Unfortunately, the piping used to carry the water may deliver it right by your new patio, garden, or another inconvenient spot. Our sump pump services crew can relocate the external piping from your sump pump to a better destination.

Testing and Cleaning Your Sump Pump and Pit

It can be easy to forget your sump pump if it rarely operates, but an annual test and inspection is an excellent idea. You can make sure that it has power, still operates, and switches on when needed. The sump may have a wire mesh filter that should be cleaned periodically.

Sump Pump Concerns That May Prevent Proper Operation

While it’s not likely that we’ll have too many hard freezes it’s possible that a sump pump exit that’s not buried deep enough could clog with ice in midwinter. We’ll be glad to inspect and correct that problem. Many homeowners don’t consider another potential issue: the storm that’s pouring water onto the ground and into your basement has also knocked out the power. Your AC-powered sump pump won’t work in that case, and you’ll need a backup generator or other source of power. Inexpensive AC-inverter battery backup power lasts for a while, but everything depends on how quickly your electricity returns. Larger battery supplies are lifesavers that cost several hundred dollars, but make sure they’re charged and ready.

Preventive Inspections of Basement Plumbing

In addition to sump pump services, you might want to consider a review of your basement’s plumbing including heating systems, washer, and water heater to make sure that your pump isn’t going to have to remove the water from a leak in one of those systems. We can make sure that all of your basement pipes and equipment are in good condition, that your shutoff valve is working smoothly in case of emergency, and perform any repairs that are needed to protect your basement from possible flooding.

Emergency Services, Day or Night

When the water’s rising and your sump pump isn’t taking care of things, declare an emergency and call us for help. We’re Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air serving the area with expert sump pump services and general plumbing. Our number is 423-250-3502.

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