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Everything You Must Know About Air Conditioning | Heating and AC in Cleveland, TN

Everything You Must Know About Air Conditioning   Heating and AC in Cleveland TN

With the constant rise in temperatures in the world, there has been an increase in the demand for air conditioners in the US as well. Since we are on the peak of using air conditioners, we should be aware of the functional and technical details of air conditioners. This is necessary if we want our AC’s to be functioning properly throughout the season.  This will also tell you what repairs and maintenance your air conditioner might require during the season.

Sometimes the problem reaches a level where you might need help from a professional heating and air conditioning repair in Cleveland, TN. However, it is important that you know the basics of the equipment for heating and AC in Cleveland, TN, because this can help you avoid many bigger problems by looking at minor issues that come along the way.

Today we will look into the major components and other principles regarding the equipment for heating and AC in Cleveland, TN.

Meaning of Cooled Air

The cool air produced by the air conditioner goes through a process before the air conditioner blows it out. Most of our household air conditioners use refrigerant that plays the basic role of cooling down the air. Air conditioners have compressors in the outer units of the system. When the refrigerant gas passes through the compressor, it compresses and hence cools it.

The gas then travels through the lines laid, in copper tubing. The copper tubing has coils inside the indoor unit of the air conditioner. What the indoor unit does is, to pull the warmer air from the room, passes it through the coils, where it cools, and then throws it back into the room as cool air.

Importance of Refrigerant

The refrigerant is vital to the entire systems for heating and AC in Cleveland, TN.  They play the key role of cooling the air before it can be blown in to the room. The refrigerant holds an interesting property, which makes it an amazing component of the heating and AC in Cleveland, TN, and that is its ability to convert from liquid to gas and the other way around. With the change in temperature, pressure and the form of the substance, it can bear the role of both, absorbing as well as releasing the heat.

This property of the refrigerant makes it perform the dual function of heating and cooling without any requirements for additional equipment.

To make use of the dual properties, i.e. absorption or emission of heat, the refrigerant is treated in the outer unit in something called a condenser or a compressor. As stated above, the gas then travels through the lines into the indoor units of our houses.

Evaporator Coil

Evaporator coil is a component in the indoor unit and it consists of a long coiled metal tube that carries the refrigerant. To increase the surface area of the evaporator coil in order to assist cooling, metal fins are added to the coil, which make it look like the car radiator however it does the opposite.

As the refrigerant moves through the coil it converts into gas and begins the process of absorbing heat from the surrounding air, this property becomes useful in the cooling function of the air-conditioning. The fan right besides the evaporator coil helps blow air from the coil and the fins and assists more air to pass through it and become cool.


Once the gas has served its purpose of cooling the air, it continues into the cycle and travels back towards the outdoor unit where the compressor is located. After cooling sufficient air, the refrigerant has now gained temperature itself that it has to lose again to become cool and to perform its function again. This process keeps on repeating for as long as the air conditioner is running.

The compressor is often called the heart of heating and AC in Cleveland, TN. Professionals have given it this name because it serves the purpose of pumping the gas throughout the system, first into the indoor unit to cool the air, then back towards the outdoor unit to cool itself.


This is something we have been talking about for a while, so let us see what it does.

Condenser is something similar in looks to those of the evaporator coil. The only differences are that it is situated in the outdoor unit and it does the opposite task. This is the last stage of the refrigerant journey after which it goes back to the compressor for cooling.

When the compressor cools the gas, it loses energy and heat. The condenser plays an important role of keeping the temperature under control by cooling the components. This is a better comparison to the car’s radiator as it cools down the gas in the coil using a fan placed beside it. This is why you notice warm air blowing out of the outdoor unit.

In the Bottom Line

The purpose of sharing this information about various components of heating and AC in Cleveland, TN was to educate you enough on what they are and how they perform their particular functions. It is important to know because these appliances are prone to breaking down. In such cases, you need to have a little idea of what could possibly be wrong before you call an expert for heating and AC in Cleveland, TN.

This helps because the professional for heating and AC in Cleveland, TN would take time to diagnose the problems and might as well charge you extra for this. In realizing you don’t know much, they can even charge you more than they should. This issue however can be taken care of if you hire professionals from Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air.

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