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Everything You Need to Know About Sewerage Systems | Plumbing Services in Cleveland, TN

Everything You Need to Know About Sewerage Systems   Plumbing Services in Cleveland TN
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You are in your kitchen staring at the door of the basement. You have been noticing a foul smell drifting up from the basement below. You go on and enter the basement to investigate the smell. As you descend down the stairs, the smell grows worse, making you wonder if something died down there.

But when you reach the bottom step you discover the source of the smell. A brown sludge is seeping onto your basement floor sending up toxic fumes. It’s sewage leaking out from the drainage system in your house.

Now, most folks confronted with these situations may not be able to identify the sludge or know what to do to safely clean or fix the situation. For this, you will need to have knowledge about your office’s or home’s sewerage systems.

So here’s everything you need to know about sewerage systems.

What is a Sewerage System?

First of all, there is a need to identify and define the sewerage system. The sewerage system is a system or network of different drain pipes, pumps and force mains that will collect greywater in your home and drain it out.

Greywater is essentially wastewater that flows out from your toilets, sinks, shower drains and even kitchen drains. Sewerage systems exist in most homes and offices in Cleveland, TN. The sewerage system often needs regular repairs, maintenance and inspections from a competent plumbing service.

Problems in the sewerage may be subtle but there are signs that you be wary of. Some of these include frequent or multiple clogs, bubbling toilet water, bathtubs backing up upon flushing and changes in color and appearance of your lawn and plants in your yard.

What Kind of Maintenance Does a Sewerage System Need?

Sewer drain maintenance in offices and homes can be done by any professional plumbing service in Cleveland, TN. The maintenance should be regular and comprehensive.

You should hire a plumbing service to inspect leaks in joints, rust in pipes, and grease deposits in the sewer drain.

Professional plumbers in Cleveland, TN, will be able to find blockages from foreign objects in the drains as well as tree root damage and bellied pipes. They will be able to instantly handle and fix any problems that might be found.

Although sewer drains may only be inspected once a year under normal circumstances, if a leak, flooding or burst pipe problem occurs you should treat it as an emergency. Delaying services for sewerage plumbing can be a hazard for your health and safety. If you have a burst pipe or leak, you should call for emergency services from plumbers in your area.

What Can Go Wrong in a Sewer System?

  • Pipes Can Have Problems

There are a number of things that can go wrong in drain pipes in sewerage systems in Cleveland, TN. Sewerage drain pipes can corrode, break, and collapse due to various kinds of damage over the years.

They can break because of shifting soil around them or even due to frozen ground in snowy, cold weather in winters. Pipes can also collapse if they are made of unsustainable material and may even cause blockages as they narrow. The ideal kind of pipes for drainage systems are PVC pipes.

Pipes can also sink into the ground around them. These are called bellied pipes that sink and cause greywater to collect around them.

  • Joints Can Leak

Joints in a drainage pipe and pump systems can crack and leak at times due to wear, pressure or age. If you have a leaking joint, you may experience leaking in your homes.

If the leak is not maintained and plugged, you will have a flood on your hands eventually as the leaking grey water will eventually wear down the joint and burst it.

  • Tree Roots Can Create Damage

Since sewer lines are underground, they may suffer damage as a result of tree roots in the ground that may grow too long and reach the sewer lines. Tree roots can break and permanently damage the pipes that may then need costly replacements and repairs by competent plumbing services.

  • Rust Can Damage the Pipes

Sewer pipes often need to be checked annually for rust by a professional plumbing service. This is because rust can corrode or create cracks in the pipes.

Rust develops over time as a result of the water flowing through the metal drainpipes and is more likely to happen in older homes in Cleveland, TN.

  • Grease Deposits Can Accumulate

If grease is flushed down the toilet or drained down a kitchen sink, it can create blockages in the pipe. This is because the grease will continue to solidify in the pipes and create a blockage.

Blockages can also appear if there are other objects within the pipes that stop the proper water flow. Your house can then have serious flooding or drain blockage problems that will need professional intervention.


Contact Us!

Metro Plumbing Heating and Air Service will be more than happy to assist you with your sewer drain problems and perform maintenance and plumbing repair services regularly at reasonable prices.

We provide services to everyone in the Cleveland, TN area. So if you notice any of the signs of sewer drain problems, please contact us as soon as possible.

Remember, you should call immediately because sewer drain pipes bursting, leaking or overflowing can be a serious risk for family safety, yard health, and can easily turn into a wider sanitation issue for the neighborhood or Cleveland, TN itself.

We employ efficient and well-trained professionals to examine and fix the sewer drain concerns. If you perform sewer maintenance, repairs and inspection on your own, it might be a safety and health issue and can possibly cause more damage to the drainage system.

If you are in the Cleveland, TN area, you should give us a call in case of a sewer drain emergency or even regular maintenance issue. We are available for plumbing services at all times and can be contacted at this number: (423) 616-1025.

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