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Finding A Quality Drain Cleaning Service | Chattanooga, TN

Finding A Quality Drain Cleaning Service   Chattanooga TN
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Just as the veins and arteries carry blood around your body, your plumbing system acts similarly, carrying water around your home and wastewater away from it and requires a regular drain cleaning service.

Just like the veins and arteries in our body we only really notice them when something goes wrong. Because the pipework is hidden behind the walls and beneath the floors, it is not always easy to spot a problem and it may be some time for example before you can spot a small leak.

Just like our bodies a problem in one area can lead to problems in another. Take for instance a sink with standing water in it. What has caused the blockage? Could it be a clog that has built up over time or could it be a blockage in your sewer line that has caused the water to back up?

Could it be something else? Only a skilled technician from Metro Plumbing, Heating, and Air of TN can get to the bottom of the problem. In less skilled hands harsh chemicals may be poured down the sink to remove the blockage.

The problem may be located yards away and the chemicals may not even reach it. All that will happen is that you have wasted time and money and may even have made the problem worse. Overuse of these chemicals may damage older pipework and joints and cause a leak.

You should get an experienced drain cleaning service offered by Metro Plumbing, Heating, and Air. We are Chattanooga, TN’s most trusted drain cleaning service and unlike many of our competitors, we’re open 24/7, on weekends, and on holidays. So, if you have any plumbing emergency, we are always ready to help.

When Do You Need a Drain Cleaning Service?

There are some tell-tale signs to be on the lookout for. Ignoring them could lead to an expensive repair or cleanup bill!

  • Your toilet is blocking after you flush it. Repeatedly flushing the toilet if it is blocked, is a bad idea, it is more likely to overflow. If it does overflow Metro plumbing immediately. This is not a job you should do yourself. Our technicians use protective clothing to reduce the risk of infection.


  • Slowly draining water. Is the water in your sink or bathtub taking more time to drain? There could be a clog forming in the pipework, as it grows it slowly restricts the water flowing through the drain. Unless you have a professional drain cleaning service the clog will continue to grow and will fully block the pipe.


  • The clogs keep returning. If you have poured strong chemicals down your sink, they may have worked for a while. But well-established clogs may be difficult to remove completely and may return. This problem is worse in a hard water area. Where minerals dissolved in the water can form layers of insoluble scale. The only sure and safe way to remove clogs is to have a professional drain cleaning service from Metro plumbing.


  • Are you hearing Gurgling Noises like the water drains? This is a sure sign of a clog or blockage forming. As water flows over a clog, it will create air bubbles, creating the gurgling sound you hear.


  • Water backing up into your Sink. This could be a blockage in the pipework under your sink or something more serious. If the water returning into the sink is discolored this could be a sign that your sewer line is blocked or damaged.


  • Unpleasant If the sewer line was blocked, then there is nowhere for the wastewater to go as it cannot leave your home, and so it backs up inside. If this were the case, there would be a strong smell of sewage in your home. Lesser smells could be due to food being trapped in the U-bend.


  • Pouring some gentle cleaner down the sink will usually remove this smell. If not, you may have to undo the U-bend to clean it or use a drain snake. Not everyone will be confident enough to do this, but do not worry Metro plumbing is on hand to help.

How to Avoid These Problems

There are some tips that you should follow to avoid future clogs and drain blockages:

Be careful what you pour down a sink. Clogs are formed when grease, food, coffee grinds, hair, and other materials stick to the inside of your pipes. Pour your grease into a separate container and not down the sink.

Watch what you put down the toilet. Products such as wet wipes and Kleenex tissue paper are not intended to dissolve quickly in water like toilet paper. The only items that should go down a toilet are water, human waste, toilet tissue, and some gentle cleaners.

Avoid using harsh chemicals. Pouring strong chemicals down a toilet or sink is not a good idea either, as repeated use can corrode and damage older pipework and lead to leaks.

Stop flushing a blocked toilet. If you keep flushing a toilet when it is blocked, you increase the risk of it overflowing. Remember those chemicals you poured down earlier, if the toilet overflows, the chemicals are going to end up on your floor, along with nasty germs and bacteria. If you think you have a blockage call Metro plumbing for a professional drain cleaning service.

We also suggest that you have your plumbing system regularly maintained, as this will pick up on small problems before they become major ones.

Let Metro Plumbing Take Care of Your Drain Cleaning Service

Metro Plumbing, Heating, and Air are the drain cleaning service experts in Chattanooga, TN, and the surrounding area. Carefully removing clogs or blockages is a job for one of our highly trained technicians.

Picking the wrong solution for your problem could further damage your pipework or sewer line. So, at the first sight of any problem, you should contact Metro Plumbing.

Our technicians have many years of experience in cleaning and unblocking drains, and we can quickly locate and remove any problem. We are on call 24 hours a day, every day, and we will not keep you waiting.

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