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Here Are 8 Helpful Tips to Maintain Your Water Heater and Extend Its Life | Water Heater Repair in Cleveland, TN

Here Are 8 Helpful Tips to Maintain Your Water Heater and Extend Its Life   Water Heater Repair in Cleveland TN

A water heater is an appliance that is essential to people living not only in cold climates but also those living in temperate ones. Heated water is needed for warm baths, washing dishes, washing your own clothes as well as for cleaning different parts of the home.

However, water heaters, like any appliance in the home, need maintenance from time to time. This is why water heater repair in Cleveland, TN is so important. Here are 8 ways in which you can maintain your water heater and extend its lifespan.

Manufacturer Recommendations

Check the manufacturer recommendations when you get the water heater. It’s often the case that they give you specific recommendations in order to operate the heater the right way. Before performing any maintenance on the appliance, it may be pertinent to check whether there are any instructions for water heater repair in Cleveland, TN.

Installation Date

Also, note the installation date of the water heater. The expected lifespan of any water heater is nearly 10 to 13 years. If the water heater gives out before that, either the makers are responsible for a subpar build or you’ve neglected your duties as an owner.

Test Temperature and Pressure Valves

The temperature and pressure valves are there for safety’s sake. They measure the two variables inside the water heater so that they can release hot water from the heater in case it gets too hot or if too much pressure builds up inside. If this is not done, then the heater can sustain irreparable damage.

In order for the best water heater repair in Cleveland, TN you should test these valves every six months. An easy way to do it is to lift the T&P level halfway and allow it to snap back. The result should be a gurgling sound because the valve has sent water into the drain. If there is no sound at all, the valve may need to be replaced.

Lower Temperature

A lot of water heaters are set by default at over 130 F. Many professionals in plumbing repair in Cleveland, TN suggest that you choose a setting of 115-120 F instead. This can reduce your electric bill by as much as 6% as well as stop your water heater from overheating, thus extending its lifespan.

Flush the Tank Regularly

The minerals in your water heater can settle over time to form sediment deposits on its inner surface. This can happen during the normal heating process or during the time that the water is settling in the tank. If you don’t pay attention to this, you will incur a high price for water heater repair in Cleveland, TN; the reason being that the sediment will decrease the efficiency of the electric elements within the water heater.

The deposits on the electric elements will hinder their ability to heat the surrounding water. Hence, the heater’s lifespan will be decreased and it will become less and less optimal over time.

In order to avoid this or to mitigate the severity of the deposits, flush the water heater tank twice a year. Remember to shut off the power for safety reasons before you do and place a bucket under the drain valve or a hose which runs to a safe dumping ground outside. Usually dumping 1 or 2 gallons of water is enough. This will avoid the chances of repeated water heater repair in Cleveland, TN.

Insulation Blanket

Using an insulating blanket around the tank of the water heater is a good idea to maintain it for a long time. You can use it to insulate any exposed pipes so that the reduction in energy loss can result in a reduction in your energy bill.

This can extend the lifespan of your water heater by reducing its total use over many years and keep it from repeated water heater repair in Cleveland, TN.

Safety Precautions

You need to prioritize safety whenever you deal with an electrical appliance of any kind. Even if you have an old school water heater which uses natural gas to heat the water, you need to exercise caution. For an electric water heater you need to always wear protection before handling its internal parts, and you always need to wear gloves or some sort of protective clothing so you don’t get burned.

For a close inspection wearing goggles is even recommended. All of this is a good reason why you should call in Plumbing repair in Cleveland, TN for water heater repair in Cleveland, TN.

Get an Annual Tune-Up

You would obviously need to get an annual tune-up for your water heater in order to keep it working in tip-top condition. Even if you’ve exercised precaution in using the water heater and taken all these tips to heart, there is still a chance that the water heater may stop functioning at its maximum efficiency. In that case, you need to call plumbing repair in Cleveland, TN every year or so to get a tune-up.

There are various things that can be done to tune-up the water heater like cleaning the burner assembly, repairing the exhaust flue, checking for leaks or corrosion and replacing the anode rod on old models.

If there are any problems you have with plumbing equipment, don’t hesitate to call Metro Plumbing Heating and Air. They’ll offer you the best deals in the business!

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