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Holiday Plumbing Tips


One of the busiest times for plumbing professionals is the post-Thanksgiving weekend. Service and repair calls spike about 50% because of clogged plumbing – and plumbing related problems. But with just a few precautions a homeowner can avoid the common mistakes made by so many every year. Are you having a big celebration this year in your Chattanooga home? Following these notes from our plumbing professionals will help keep your pipes free from clogs – and ensure a stress-free holiday.


If you have been experiencing trouble with your plumbing, the best time to have your system checked is before the holiday guests arrive. Small leaks, slow drainage and sporadic stoppage can turn into major repair jobs if the problems aren’t addressed before constant use. Consider scheduling a drain cleaning or basic maintenance performed by a trusted professional. This will help ensure that there aren’t any unpleasant surprises while guests are in your home.

Disposal Safety

A couple of weeks ago, we went over several maintenance tips for your garbage disposal . These tips are worth going over again before the big holiday rush. But we also think it’s important to consider using the disposal less – or not at all during the holiday. Creating a compost pile with pertinent food waste is a great way to repurpose organic detritus. Coffee grounds, egg shells, apple cores, not shells and fibrous vegetables are ideal for composting. However, those that don’t compost might also consider planting a trash can (complete with heavy duty trash bag) right beside the sink to get rid of all food waste.

Grease Disposal

Thanksgiving meals are generally filled with dishes that contain extra grease, oil and fat. Though it is general knowledge not to put grease, oil and fat down the drain, solidified grease is one of the most common reasons for plumbing blockage. When washing cookware and dishes that contain grease residue, always wipe of the excess grease before washing in the sink. Most grease is reusable (especially bacon and turkey grease), so keeping it in a jar for future use is an option. If you don’t intend to reuse your Thanksgiving grease, pour it in a bag or container that can be sealed and throw it in the garbage.

Sink Strainer

Even with a trash can posted right next to the sink, it’s difficult to get rid of all the food waste stuck to dishes and pans. A good way to help keep your plumbing free of all the gunk is to install a sink strainer. A strainer will catch all of the organic waste while the water is still running – allowing you to rinse off the dishes faster without having to worry about catching the scraps. Whatever is caught can easily be collected and added to the compost or trash.

Additional Plumbing Safety

If you are hosting guests for the holiday, that means extra strain on the plumbing system. Additional showers, clothes washing and other water usage can take a toll on pipes. When showering, try to stagger the visits or at least wait 15-20 minutes in between use. Giving the pipes a rest will allow for proper drainage, which can be compromised when hair is not given a chance to move through. The extra use of the washing machine can waste quite a bit of water. Try to only wash full loads of laundry. Also make sure that no one flushes anything down the toilet NOT meant to be flushed. This is especially important if little kids are visiting for the holiday.

Metro would like to wish all of our Chattanooga neighbors a happy and clog-free Thanksgiving. Reading and following our plumbing tips for the season will go a long way in keeping your system running smoothly throughout the holiday season. However if something does happen to your plumbing and you need professional help, don’t hesitate to give us a call. There’s nothing more annoying than a house full of people and a plumbing problem! Metro has professional plumbers available 24/7 in case of an emergency. Call us at 423-616-1025 or 706-516-1980 at any time day or night!

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