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Hot Bath or Quick Shower – Which One is Better? | Plumbers in Cleveland, TN

Hot Bath or Quick Shower Which One is Better Plumbers in Cleveland TN

Do you like a hot bath or do you prefer a quick shower? Regardless what water temperature you prefer, there is one more household component that you need to consider before you plan to wash off your whole day’s tiredness.

Yes, we are talking about the shower and bath. These are two of the most commonly used bathing options in our homes as the plumbers in Cleveland, TN suggest. We all have the need to stay clean. In fact, when you come home after a long tiring day, bathing works great to get fresh and to relax. But when it comes to bathing options like a hot bath or a quick shower, not all of us prefer to do it in a similar way.

Most importantly when it’s about choosing between a quick shower or a hot bath, oftentimes there are quite strong opinions and preferences on both sides. As per the plumbers in Cleveland, TN, what many people get confused about is what to choose between a shower and bath. The most commonly asked question is that which one is better between the two options.

Well, the answer is reallysimple; the choice depends on your individual preferences. As per the plumbers in Cleveland, TN, both of these bathing options have their own weaknesses and strengths that must be considered before installing any of these in your bathroom. Also, you can also install both of these in case you have a larger bathroom or bigger space and if you want to avail benefits of both of the relaxing bathing options.

So, depending upon the individual priorities, one of the options might work better for you than the other one. To help you decide which option is right for you, let us have a look some attributes of both of these bathing options and see how both of them stack up.

Skin Care

Do you like a long soak in a great steaming bath? Well,who doesn’t? It feels great as well as quite relaxing to just soak in the hot bath, but it might not continue to be great afterward or after a while. The Plumbers in Cleveland, TN suggests that long, hot  baths usually dry out the skin. This means it is not a good option if you are skin conscious or if you have any kind of skin problem.

The long, hot baths may lead to flaking and itching. Anyone who has a sensitive skin condition such as psoriasis or eczema can easily face some worst reactions after taking long hot baths. However, one of the best ways to avoid this issue is to go with shorter and bit cooler water when it comes to routine bathing.

On the other hand, the bathis a great opportunity to completely soak in something absolutely soothing. Oatmeal blends, bath bombs, Epsom salt and other great additives may easily turn your ordinary bath into an amazing rejuvenating experience. In fact, most of these mentioned products are also designed to particularly relieve specific skin-related conditions. Thus, when you plan to try out these, make sure to safeguard against dry skin. You can do it by making the water slightly cooler or no hotter than needed. Also, don’t forget to moisturize after drying off.


Needless to say, showers must be quick, especially to the point. This does not include a few seconds that we spend waiting for the water to get warm. Apart from this, you will spend the rest of the time getting yourself clean and then move on to your regular hectic day.

A bath is certainly intended to have a more leisurely experience. However, even if you do have enough time to take things slowly, bathing in the right manner may possess some challenges. For example, when you shampoo your hair in a bath, it can be difficult. In fact, rinsing the hair afterward is even harder than that.

And as soon as you are done, it is quite important to properly rinse off the body with clean water and before drying. This way you can make sure that you don’t end up with an itchy film of body lotion or soap. If all of that hassle is even not enough to bring you out of the bath and back into the shower, you must consider upgrading the bath fixtures. You can add a handheld wand. This will help you get the required water pressure to obtain fully cleaned as well as rinsed without even standing up and using a more traditional showerhead.

Water Consumption

If you are not fond of long baths then showers are definitely a much more eco-friendly option as the plumbers in Cleveland, TN suggest. As per the U.S. Geological Surveyand their one of the estimate; the average bath consumes around 36 gallons of water. On the other hand, a standard showerhead utilizes almost 5 gallons every minute. Thus, showers that have conserving showerheads might use as little as 2 gallons of water each minute.

There is no way around when it comes down to hefty consumption of water for a luxurious bath. But if you wish to keep your water conservation within limits, it’s time to call your local plumber in Cleveland, TN and ask them about upgrading your water-saving fixtures.


Last, but not the least, all of us prefer taking a load off every now and then. A bath is one of the great ways to relax your body and to simply focus on some other soothing things that might help you enhance your experience just like aromatherapy or music.

In addition to that, a soak in warm water significantly soothes sore muscles and helps in the recovery from physical distress. So, when it comes to getting clean after a long, tiring workout, consider taking a bath to give your entire body a much-needed break.

So, if this entire back and forth of shower versus baths has gotten you wishing for a luxurious bathing experience, then you should consider remodeling your bathroom by hiring the best plumbers of Metro Plumbing.


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