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Common problems with Air Conditioners | Air Conditioner Repair in Cleveland, TN

Common problems with Air Conditioners Air Conditioner Repair in Cleveland TN

It’s summer and the last thing anyone needs is for their air conditioner to buckle under the crippling temperatures. To be left at the mercy of the sweltering heat is a nightmare no one wants to contend with. But air conditioners have so many parts to them, each of which has its own engineering principle working on it, that they’re bound to end up in despair. This requires giving a call to heating and air conditioning repair services in Cleveland, TN.

There are several reasons why your air conditioner or HVAC unit might stop working or cool inefficiently. Below is our list for the most common issues that can disrupt your cooling device.

Filter goes bad

This is arguably the most common reason why air conditioners stop working properly, but it is also the easiest to fix and even homeowners with minimal working knowledge of air conditioners can attempt these repairs. Filters are your air conditioners first line of defense against dirt, dust and other material which could affect the internal components. Overtime the filter becomes coated with foreign material (sediments and dust). It is recommended to change your air filter regularly, our expert technicians put the frequency of the number down to three months.

Some air filters might need replacing if they’ve become too clogged up.

The thermostat

The thermostat’s job is to regulate the system’s temperature to a ‘set point’ (the desired temperature). Trivial issues plaguing the thermostat can easily compromise the proper functionality of any heating and air conditioning unit. A gradual build up of grime can create conflict between the desired temperature setting and the actual room temperature. So it is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions before you attempt to clean the thermostat. It is also important to make sure that the thermostat is level and not affected by direct sunlight.

But then again, the thermostat is complex device which uses various electronic engineering principles to help regulate the temperature. Even if a single internal component is touched, it can affect the thermostat worse than it already is. It is therefore, highly recommended to get professionals to attempt air conditioner repair in Cleveland, TN.

Coolant leaks

At the heart of any air conditioning device is the cooling fluid which transfers latent heat from one place to another, and in process affects the temperature in desirable ways. But shoddy air conditioner installation in Cleveland, TN can cause leakages to occur. It can also be due to slip ups in quality control schemes from the manufacturer’s end. Either way, a leak will bring your air conditioner to a grinding halt.

While it is easy for technicians to attempt these repairs, it is not advisable for homeowners to go Do-It-Yourself with dangerous refrigerant fluids. Instead, call upon a reputable air conditioning service in Cleveland, TN to perform these repairs instead.

The drainage

The drain line in your air conditioning unit can also become clogged with dirt and dust particles. The drain allows condensed water a way out, but once the pathway gets clogged it blocks the outlet for water to flow away. As a way of principle, water will choose the path of least resistance, which is to back up and overflow inside the air conditioner unit. Least to say, this significantly affects the ability of your air conditioner to fix things.

It isn’t just dirt and dust that could clog the drainage pipe, it is important to understand that water allows ripe conditions for mold and mildew to buildup. Together these can easily disrupt regular flow patterns for condensed water. Once again, you should call upon a reputable air conditioning service in Cleveland, TN to attempt these repairs. Inserting dangerous household chemicals inside the drainage pipe is not recommended and could eventually backfire.


The compressor applies pressure to the refrigerant which passes through the coils in order to carry out heat exchange. It is arguably the most important component of the air conditioner without which your AC will not cool at all. The compressor can also fail in case of an overload or when it starts to overheat. Sometimes a compressor burns out because of damage to the electrical system inside the unit. When this happens, the AC won’t be able to start at all.

Repair should only be attempted by expert technicians.

Evaporator coils

The function of the evaporator coils is to absorb heat from the air like a sponge and send it back into the room as cool air through a series of ducts. These coils require warm air to circulate around them, but often times the air flow becomes disrupted and cause the evaporator coils to become too cold. Overtime a layer of ice begins to form on the outside, and when this happens you will get warm air from the unit.

Another frequent problem is corrosion due to fluid circulation around the coils, but regular maintenance work can get the coils working back again. The maintenance work should only be attempted by expert technicians.

Problems with the fans

Fans blow air over the unit’s condenser to remove the absorbed latent heat away from your room. The fans can stop working efficiently because of lack of lubrication, issues with the motor, worn out belts and dirt particles. In order to compensate for the lack of fan, the strain falls on your compressor to pump more energy to the fluids, and this almost certainly results in the death of your air conditioner unit.

Faulty wiring

There are several small components in your air conditioner working in harmony with each other. Each component is connected to the other by intricately placed wires, but sometimes the electrical work was attempted by inexperienced technicians. The bad wiring can prevent the system from receiving power and from turning on. This also increases the risk of fire hazard, which means you should get a technician to attempt these repair as soon as possible.

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