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Are You Facing Water Pressure Loss in Your Shower? | Plumbers in Cleveland, TN

Are You Facing Water Pressure Loss in Your Shower Plumbers in Cleveland TN

A quick shower is the most relaxing activity after a long tiring day. It washes off all the tiredness of your hectic day and makes you mentally fresh and clean. However, this great relaxing experience can be affected if you face slow water pressure in your shower. The loss of water pressure in your shower is nothing less than an annoyance.

Regardless if it is just a short or temporary disruption because of the flushed toilet, it is irritating and indicates a problem as the plumbers in Cleveland, TN suggest. Not to mention, the problem gets even worsewhen it becomes a chronic issue and make it a hurdle for you to properly rinse away soap and shampoo. However, as per the plumbers in Cleveland, TN, there are many ways to fix as well as to prevent the common problem but these problems vary depending on the root cause of the issue.

To help you understand some of the common reasons for low pressure in the shower, let us have a look at some of the frequently occurred problems.

Limitations of Pressure Balancing Valve

If your shower is linked with a pressure balancing valve, in which there is usually a single handle or knob to control both the flow and temperature of water, there is a chance that you are possiblyat risk of water pressure disruptions due to the use of closely fixtures. One of the classic examples is when your flushing toilet creates both a change in water temperature as well as a drop in pressure.

This particular type of valve equally mixes cold and hot water at a specific pressure level. Thus, when you flush the toilet, this cold water is further diverted to refill the empty tank. This creates a short and temporary pressure drop in the line of cold water. This shows that it takes a proper pressure balancing valve a few seconds to get adjusted.

During this time period, the water might turn extremely hot as the valve fails to receive all the needed cold water from the line. As soon as the valve adjusts again, it does it by reducing the pressure that is coming from the line of hot water. This results in the drop of overall pressure.

Fortunately, we all have another kind of shower valve which enablesus to prevent this distressing problem once and for all. It is known as the thermostatic mixing valve. The valve offersseparate controls in terms of water pressure and temperature. Thus, if you need to install this valve to resolve the low water pressure issue in your showerhead then call the local plumber in Cleveland, TN and ask them to upgrade these valves.

Out of order Diverter Valve

In case you use a combo of bathtub and shower, you possibly have a diverter valve. It means a switch or knob that easily diverts water from the faucet of the bathtub up to the showerhead. All of these valves might start malfunctioning or even break after several years of service. As a result, there is a chance that the valve fails to open enough and fail to send water pressure properly to the shower head as the plumbers in Cleveland, TN suggest.

An out of order diverter valve is often  times the likely culprit if water continues to flow from the bathtub faucet at maximum pressure but still fail to properly match the showerhead pressure. To diagnose or confirm the issue, take the assistance of a professional plumber in Cleveland, TN and complete the repair work by using a replacement diverter valve.

Water Pressure Reduction Valve Requires Adjustment

When the problem of your water pressure affects almost all the fixture in the home, the real cause could be something related to a watersource. In several houses, a device called water pressure reduction valve is used. The device gets connected to the direct water line close to the point where it actually enters the house. Chances are this valve might malfunction, fall out of adjustment or even break. If any of the issues occur then it means there is a need for a professional plumber in Cleveland, TN.

Obstructed or Broken Pipe

One of the most frequent problems related to a shower pressure drop is an obstructed or broken pipe. This broken pipe or leak may cause serious damage to the unseen part of your home.  Thus, If you observe or hear water running at a spot or at the time when it shouldn’t be or if you notice water strains or dripping then shut off the water supply from the main valve and call the local plumber in Cleveland, TN to get emergency service immediately.

Showerhead or Clogged Pipe

While we have discussed so many major issues that may cause low water pressure in the showerhead, another one of the most neglected issues could be that your showerhead is clogged or dirty. Most homeowners fail to consider this issue and look for other reasons. So whenever you are facing the low water pressure issue in your showerhead, simplytake a close look.

Unscrew the showerhead and inspect it for any possible clogging. The best way to clean a clogged showerhead is to soak it in a cleaning solution for a while and then clean all the nozzles properly by using an old toothbrush.

Similarly, if you are living in an area where hard water is supplied, you might be suffering from the issue of mineral deposits. These deposits accumulate inside the pipes. Thus, you receive significantly low water pressure. This is an issue that might not create an instant impact but show its signs gradually.

However, you can easily avoid the problem by getting a water softening system installed by hiring professionals. Moreover, all the pipes which are badly clogged may require the assistance of professionals to get replaced and cleaned properly.

Can’t track down the cause of your water pressure problem? Don’t know how to fix it? Call Metro Plumbing and let the pros tackle the job.


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