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Identifying The Highest Wasters of Water in Your Home

Top 3 Water-Wasting Appliances in Your Home and What You Can Do To Reduce Your Water Use

Most people are concerned about water conservation, especially in those areas affected by drought. Taking a look at areas where water might be necessarily wasted has become nearly mandatory.

Of course, reducing water usage is also a good idea to lower the water utility bills. There are three main sources of water waste: faucets, shower heads, and toilets. With the help of a good plumbing company, any over-use of water by these fixtures can be identified and remedied.

Reduce Faucet Waste

Older faucets in Chattanooga kitchens, bathrooms, and gardens can be a source of water waste, at a rate of 3 gallons ever minute. The new low-flow faucets halve that rate to 1.5 gallons every minute. If a faucet leaks all the leaked water is wasted, so it must be fixed or replaced immediately. We recommend having all old-style and leaking faucets replaced at the same time.

Reduce Shower Head Waste

In the home, the second biggest water user is shower heads. Money is saved by reduced water usage by upgrading to low-flow shower heads. Old-style shower heads have a flow rate of as much as 5 gallons every minute.

The new low-flow heads cut that flow back to about half that, using only 2.5 gallons every minute. Taking a shower instead of a bath is the preferable way to conserve water, as a bath may take up to 25 gallons, whereas a shower providing the same cleaning effect may take only 15 gallons. That 10 gallons of savings really adds up.

Reduce Toilet Water Usage

The toilet uses a lot of water per flush. That is why it is important to not get in the habit of flushing every little thing down the toilet. Instead, use the trash. Older toilets use up to 7 gallons with every flush. The new low-volume toilets use only about 1.6 gallons. The best versions of these toilets provide 2 levers or buttons so the amount of water can be selected between a minimal flush of only 0.8 of a gallon or the full 1.6 gallons.

Upgrading Your Chattanooga Home Saves Money

Call us and we will have an informative conversation about our services to assist you in a plumbing upgrade that will typically pay for itself in a relatively short period of time. We will help you conserve water to show your civic responsibility and save money as well.

Now more than ever, conservation doesn’t require a lifestyle change! Call the professionals of Metro Sewer and Plumbing at (423) 855-0967 to see how easy it is to conserve water in your Chattanooga, TN home.

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