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Importance of Air Conditioner Filter in a HVAC system | Cleveland, GA

Importance of Air Conditioner Filter in a HVAC system Cleveland GA

The whole point of a HVAC system is to establish a comfortable environment in indoor spaces throughout the year (whether its winters or summers). Aside from maintaining a desirable temperature, HVAC systems are also responsible to ensure a better indoor air quality.

Therefore, a professional heating and air condition service in Cleveland, GA always advises their costumers to take better care of the air conditioner filters installed in their HVAC systems. Furthermore, their own repairing and maintenance routine offers great value to ensure the proper and smooth performance of air filters.

According to a report of the Environmental Protection Agency, we spend more of our time indoors (up to 90%), at workplaces and homes. It clearly indicates the importance of the quality of indoor air and the role of air conditioner filters.

There are many other reasons highlighting the importance of air conditioner filters. Let’s have a look.

Dirty Air Conditioner Filters- Not Just Inconvenient, But Also Hazardous

Air conditioner filters are one of the most unacknowledged components of an HVAC system. Importance of air filters signifies when they get dirty or broken down. Not just because a faulty air filter can cause inconvenience by letting pass unclean conditioned air, but also due to the fact that they can give way to many airborne diseases.

Dirty air conditioner filters are unable to stop the growth of molds and spores. They also fail to prevent the influx of different harmful microorganisms into the indoor environment. Various health complications can take place even in healthy individuals with the accumulation of different airborne allergens (bacteria, pollen, fungi etc), which includes:

  • Constant wheezing and coughing
  • Sore throat
  • ENT irritations and inflammations
  • Chest congestion
  • Flu-like symptoms and general body fatigue.

Hire a professional heating and air condition service in Cleveland, GA to make sure that that you and your family won’t have to suffer the detrimental effects of dirty air filters.

Signs of Dirty Air Conditioner Filters

There are some common signs of a dirty air conditioner filter. If you come across any of them, call for a reputable heating and air condition service in Cleveland, GA.

Filters Appearing Gray

If air conditioner filters of your HVAC system are visibly appearing gray then it means that a great amount of dust and dirt has been accumulated in the meshwork of the filters.

Dusty Indoors

If the walls, roofs etc. of your house are appearing dustier than usual then this might be a case of dirty air conditioner filters. Call for a professional air conditioner service in Cleveland, GA for an HVAC inspection to make certain that air filters are working in optimal condition.

Overused Filters

If the current air conditioner filters have been in use for more than their recommended operational life span given by manufacturers or a skillful air conditioner service in Cleveland, GA then you should know that your HVAC system is operating with a dirty air filtration system.

Importance of Changing Air Conditioner Filters on Time

Even if they are not looking dirty, a better practice is to change air conditioner filters on a regular basis. Dirty and clogged air filters can affect the performance of an HVAC system in more ways than one.

Sub-par Filter Performance = Increased Utility Bills

Yes, the above equation is absolutely true when air filters are clogged. Since blocked air filters significantly reduce the air flow, the fan motor of the air conditioner unit has to run for longer to maintain the desired air flow. It simply leads to hiked up energy bills.

Malfunctioning of HVAC Components

If you are persisting with dirty and clogged air conditioner filters and not having them replaced from a professional air conditioner service in Cleveland, GA, then very soon, you will have to face the malfunctioning of different HVAC components.

In summers, the increased load on the fan motor can result in burning out of its internal coil. During winters, an overused air conditioner filter can lead to the accumulation of heat around the exchanger. Constant high temperatures can lead to the cracking of the exchanger’s external case.

A cracked heat exchanger is a dangerous thing. Not only does it lead to system failure, but it can also cause a fire and leak of hazardous gases into the house. In any such instance, immediately call for professional help of a heating and air condition service in Cleveland, GA.

Dirty air filters can also impact the evaporator coil of the unit. Ice builds up on the surface of the evaporator coils making them ineffective in cooling the air. If your HVAC system is running on full capacity and is still not able to get you the desired temperatures then you may be facing the problem of frozen evaporator coils. Call a certified air condition service in Cleveland, GA to solve the issue.

So, the importance of air filters and the need to replace them regularly is quite obvious from the aforesaid points. There are several different air conditioner filters available in the market. You can choose the one recommended by a trusted heating and air condition service in Cleveland, GA.

Fiberglass Filters: They are used with most of the HVAC systems because they are cheap and disposable. Layered meshwork of fiberglass is used as filter medium which is supported by a metal or PVC frame.

Polyester Fibers: They are very similar to fiberglass filter but with better dust filtration.

HEPA Filters: High Efficiency Particulate Absorbing (HEPA) filters are modern types and are more effective in filtering the conditioned air. They are also called air sanitizers because a quality HEPA filter can sieve almost 99 percent of air-suspended particles. Ask your heating and air condition repair in Cleveland, GA whether your HVAC systems can accommodate HEPA filters.

Reusable air filters are also available in the market but they are mostly used with air conditioner systems installed in commercial settings where large amount of coarse dust particles are required to filter.  If you are in need of any heating and air condition service in Cleveland, GA and other cities of the state then Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air is a reliable name in the field.

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