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Is Your Water Heater Rest Button Tripping? | Plumbers in Cleveland, TN

Is Your Water Heater Rest Button Tripping   Plumbers in Cleveland TN

If you know the thermostat controls of your water heater, you must have noticed that the recommended setting for most water heaters is the 120 Fahrenheit. This is considered as the sweet spot as it is hot enough to control and prevent the growth of bacteria. But it is not as hot as to create a serious scalding problem.

As per the local plumbers in the Cleveland, TN, there are some types of problems which may cause the water heater to not only overheat but also the water tank. When your water tank overheats, the emergency cut off kicks in to immediately shut down your major appliance. However,to reset it, homeowners must press the red reset button located on the ECO. It is generally attached to the upper area of the thermostat.

When the water heater continues to trip the ECO constantly and repeatedly, it’s the right time to take the assistance of a local plumber in Cleveland, TN. There is a big chance that the water heater tank is dangerously hot and as this problem result from a failing component, it is least likely to be fixed on its own without identifying and replacing the issue by taking the assistance of professionals.

So, what really causes the water heater to overheat?Well here are some of themajor causes of this problem.

Thermostat is Failing

Chances are that the thermostat of your water heater has stopped working. In fact, both of the thermostats have stopped working. There are two thermostats in your water heater. One is located at the bottom and other is located on the top of your appliance. Each of these thermostats is used to control the main heating element that is responsible to heat the water.

As soon as the water reaches the pre-defined temperature, your thermostat shut off the heating element. But when both of these thermostats fail, it makes the heating element to continue to run and this overheats the water as the plumbers in Cleveland, TN suggests.

Your Heating Element is Failing

Heating elements also stopworking with age. In several cases, they simply stop heating and often develop a major electrical short that may cause it to receive power even when the thermostat has shut down. This also produces the similar results i.e. overheating water and continuous tripping of the ECO.

The Water Temperature is Extremely High

In most of the cases, the tripping of the reset button occurs when the water inside the water heater tank has become hotter than the recommended 120F. In this situation, the button gets tripped as a safety mechanism to protect you and your house from the damage that may result from scalding water.

As per the local plumbers in Cleveland, TN, in case you are dealing with this kind of reset button tripping issue, you would need to check if the thermostat is still connected to the electric water heater. Maybe one of the thermostats has gone bad and failing to monitor the water temperature. If that’s the case, immediately call the assistance of professional plumber in Cleveland, TN to fix the issue.

The Connections Are Loose

Another possible reason for the frequent tripping of the reset button of your water heater may be the loose connection or wires. The wires we are referring to are the ones that directly connect to the thermostats of your electricwater heater. These connections are responsible to generate heat and provide you with hot water.

In case these wires are loose, not properly connected or damaged, this may cause the issue of bad connection. This problem will eventually trip the reset button of your water heater. While it is not recommended to perform the fix on your own and without taking the assistance of a local plumber in Cleveland, TN, you can simplycheck if the issue can be fixed easily or it requires a thorough inspection of the connections.

The Malfunctioning of the High-Limit Switch

The reset button of your water heater is also known as the high limit switch. It is also known as the Energy Cut Off.  This button is usually faulty and becomesthe root cause of this problem. In case the reset button of your water heater system is faulty, you will need to call the assistance of a local plumber in Cleveland, TN to fix the issue. The most recommended action to fix this reset button issue is to replace it altogether.

So how would you know what is causing the problem of reset button tripping?

Well,the diagnosis of this problem all by yourself and that too, without having any prior experience is highly not recommended. It is quite dangerous to attempt to fix the issue because when you deal with an electric water heater, you deal with 240 volts of electricity.

Thus, unless you know the ins and outs of the task or unless you hold any prior experience of the job, never attempt to fix the issue on your own. Remember, your water heater is just like any other electrical device and you don’t want to mess around electrical equipment.

Many homeowners face severe consequences when they attempt a repair or replacement as a DIY task. Thus, as per the local plumbers in Cleveland, TN, if you are facing the reset button issue, take the assistance of professional service providers rather than delaying the problem or attempting it on your own.

If you are in Cleveland, TN then you might come across several plumbing services. However, don’t just hire any other service provider as most of these services are either scam or charge you additional service charges.

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