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Maximize Your Heating And Air Conditioning Service Systems Energy Efficiency | Cleveland, TN

Maximize Your Heating And Air Conditioning Service Systems Energy Efficiency   Cleveland TN
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Energy efficiency is more than a good way to save money on your monthly utility bills. It also helps protect our planet’s sustainability for future generations. Keeping your money in your wallet is just one of the great side effects of being an environmentally-friendly homeowner. So, how can you get the most value for your eco-conscious attitude?

There are a few basic maintenance tasks that will help you get the most out of the HVAC unit’s energy efficiency. When you are ready to upgrade your HVAC, make sure you have a professional heating and air conditioning service do the installation. A subpar installation from an amateur or handyman service can wind up costing you more each month and wear out your unit before its time.

Knowing When It’s Time for a Change

How can you tell if you need to contact your heating and air conditioning service for assistance? In most cases, you and your family will notice a change in your heating and cooling performance. If you notice any of the following situations with your heating and air conditioning system, you should consider getting help from an HVAC professional.

  • Your House Heats and Cools Unevenly or Inefficiently
  • You Are Continually in Need of HVAC Repair
  • Your Utility Bills Keep Increasing with No Explanation
  • There Is a High Humidity Level or Excessive Dust in Your House
  • You Have an HVAC System that Is More than a Decade Old

Keeping Your Heating and Air Conditioning in Good Shape

The two biggest reasons for inefficiency in heating and cooling systems are dirt and negligence. With a little attention to regular maintenance, you can help your HVAC system work better and more efficiently.

Change Your HVAC Filters Frequently

Regularly change or clean your heating and air conditioning system’s air filter to keep it running at optimal efficiency. Your filter is a crucial component of your HVAC, keeping the dirt, dust, and fibers from entering your house through air circulation. Changing the filter is a simple task that often gets overlooked by homeowners.

When your filter gets dirty, it restricts the amount of air flow that circulates through your system. This can not only reduce your heating and cooling performance, it can put tremendous pressure on your system to keep trying to reach the set temperature. The harder your system has to work, the more wear the components face. You could end up having your heating and air conditioning service replace your HVAC long before you thought you would.

Each different HVAC system has its own manufacturer’s guidelines for changing the filter or cleaning a permanent one. Some advise switching it out every month while others allow for more time between changes. However, it is important to check your HVAC filter at least once a month. Filters can get filthy much more quickly than most people realize, especially when they are in heavy demand during the summer and winter.

Schedule Annual Heating and Cooling System Inspections

Your Cleveland, TN heating and air conditioning service can do so much more than repair your system. They can also help you avoid repairs and get premium performance from your HVAC. With heating and air conditioning inspections each year, your HVAC professional can help you keep your system in better condition and lasting longer.

You should contact your heating and air conditioning service to have them inspect your system in the spring, before the heat of summer hits the South. An inspection of your heating system is best scheduled for the fall, so you can be ready to chase away the chill of winter.

There are several issues your HVAC professional will check during each inspection, including:

Thermostat: Without a functioning thermostat, your HVAC unit cannot keep your house comfortable. It is the brain of the system, sending messages to the working parts to let them know when to turn on or off. Your heating and air conditioning service will check to see that your system kicks off and on in accordance with the system temperature settings.

Electrical Connections and Voltage Readings: Poor electrical connections can cause safety risks and lower the performance of your HVAC system. Over time, it can shorten the life of your heating and cooling unit. Your professional heating and air conditioning service will tighten your electrical connections, ensuring that everything will work well. They will also monitor your voltage and current readings on your HVAC motors to make sure they are operating at acceptable levels.

Lubrication: Without adequate lubrication, the components of your heating and cooling system will create friction in the motors. This friction raises your use of electricity, raising your bills as well. Not having enough lubrication for your system’s moving parts can cause your unit to wear out more rapidly and need frequent repairs or replacement. Your HVAC professional will lubricate all the moving parts during the inspections, which prepares your heating and cooling system properly.

Condensate Drain: This pipe is responsible for shuttling the moisture that builds up in your air conditioner due to the heat transfer process. If the drain gets stopped up, it will force the water back into your home instead of removing it to the outside, causing damage to your house. As the water that is standing still evaporates back into your home, it raises the humidity level inside. This not only makes a perfect breeding ground for dangerous mold and bacteria, it keeps your air conditioner from effectively cooling your home.

System Controls: Your heating and air conditioning service will check your HVAC controls to make sure they are working and safe to operate. They will ensure the system properly starts, runs, and shuts off.

Filters: Dirty filters are one of the most common problem causers for your HVAC system. Your professional will check your filters and clean or change all filters during each seasonal inspection.

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