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Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air: Your Trusted Water Heater Repair Company | Chattanooga, TN

Metro Plumbing Heating and Air Your Trusted Water Heater Repair Company   Chattanooga TN
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Every household requires plumbing, water heater repair/installation and air conditioning installation/repair services. It is best to have a reliable service provider whom you can trust to effectively take care of your emergency needs as soon as they arise. Metro plumbing, heat and air conditioning is a repair and installation service company located in Chattanooga, TN. The company has been operational since 1989, and has experienced expertise in all its areas of operation.

Having a single trusted service provider allows you to enjoy more personalized services at your own convenience, and you can always count on Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air to deliver any time of the day or night.

Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air Plumbing Services

Drain Cleaning

A clogged drain can cause a lot of inconvenience within a household. You can always trust Metro Plumbing, Heat and Air to unclog your blocked drainage whether it is the kitchen, bathroom or other areas in your house. The company will also clean the drainage and advise you on proper use to lower the risk of future blockages with water heater repairs.

Faucets, Fixtures, and Sinks

Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air also fixes damaged faucets, fixtures and sink, and water heater repairs. We have experts with years of experience in all areas of plumbing, who will assess the damages within no time to your satisfaction.

Garbage Disposal

Even with proper maintenance and care, your garbage disposal is bound to give you problems at some point due to wear and tear. Whenever your garbage disposal spoils, it affects the whole drainage system in your kitchen, and you will need it fixed as soon as possible. Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air are just a call away to take care of your garbage disposal problems. Our experts will fix your garbage disposal back into full functionality, and make the necessary recommendations. In case it is completely worn out, we also have the capacity to reinstall a new fully functional system.

Hydro Jetting

This refers to a high-powered electric power jet used to unblock stubborn drains. It helps remove tree roots that commonly infiltrate drainages. Hydro jets are not always the solution as we also have plumbing snakes for minor clogs. We understand the effects of these high levels of pressure on pipes, especially aging ones. For this reason, our expert plumbers will first do a video line inspection to determine the cause of the blockage and apply the best technique.

Jet Vacuum Services

This is another sewer cleaning service. Different blockages demand skills, and jet vacuum is a modern technology that helps in clearing serious blockages such as debris and root infiltrate blockages.

Main Line Cleaning

Sewer main problems can be catastrophic to your household, and the good news is that you don’t have to worry about that anymore. You can trust us to handle problems with your sewer main, which when damaged can cause backing up of wastewater which can start draining from inside the house. This is not a problem you are prepared to live with and we are here to ensure that you don’t have to.

Plumbing Line Camera Inspection

We use this technology to diagnose underground piping and drainage problems and in other inaccessible areas. Plumbing line camera inspection makes work easier by helping us identify the underlying problem so as to provide the appropriate solution without wasting time. We use plumbing line cameras to identify damaged pipes, types of clogging material present, and other sewer line problems.

Plumbing Repairs

We provide around-the-clock repair services for damaged drains, pipes, and sewers, water heater repairs, sinks, drains, toilet repairs, water tubs, and showers. You can also contact us for repiping services and burst pipe repairs.

Septic Field Line Services

Installation of septic lines requires high levels of expertise to determine the desired location and size. Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air has experts in septic drain field installation and drain repairs. We also offer septic tank plumbing (which is critical in ensuring long-term service of your septic), septic installation and repairs, pipe vent services, excavation of septic fields, septic inspection, water heater repairs, and cleaning services.

Storm Drain Cleaning

We have experts for installing storm drains for your property, cleaning your drain, and other related services.

Sump Pump Services

Some houses have sump pumps to drain water from the basement during a heavy downpour to prevent flooding. Contact us with your sump pump problems, and we will have our experts at the site to assess it and provide the necessary repairs. They will also install sump pumps and replace them where necessary.

Water Filtration Services

Plumbing, Heating and Air also provides water filtration installation and repair services. Our professionals have years of experience in water filtration Systems and they will provide you with advice on which system works best for you. We also have technicians for maintenance and repairs.

Water Heater Services

It can be quite inconvenient when your water heater abruptly stops functioning. To avoid this, you need to organize maintenance schedules with experienced professional companies to check any problems and conduct water heater repairs when need be. Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air have technicians in all different types of water heaters, both modern and traditional. Don’t hesitate to contact us for water heater repairs, installation, and maintenance. Our experts will assess your water heater and provide you with the best solution.

Water Softening Services

Hard water is not the best. It comes in the way of our cleaning and also reduces the lifespan of our piping systems. Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air provides water softening solutions to get rid of magnesium and calcium that makes water hard. Don’t hesitate to conduct water softening services and water heater repairs for your home and institution within and around Chattanooga, TN.

What Sets Us Apart from the Rest?

Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air Chattanooga, TN has been providing plumbing services, water heater repairs/installation and air conditioning in Chattanooga since 1989. Aside from the years of experience, our company values the safety of our clients. For this reason, we undertake thorough background checks on our staff to ensure your safety when our professionals visit your home. Our excellence in service delivery has kept us going over the years. As a result, we have established a strong customer base which we seek to maintain and expand. With us, you get to enjoy convenient services any time of day or night delivered by experienced professionals. Contact us today and get value for your money.

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